5 Flowers That Symbolize Love


    Gifting flowers has always been associated with love. For centuries, presenting a flower meant expressing your love and affection towards your special one. Now, most people tend to give flowers according to their significance, as not all flowers symbolize love. When it comes to love, the intent is expressed through the flowers, which signify deep emotions and desires. Selecting a present for Valentine’s Day or your partner’s birthday is a challenging task, as the gift needs to signify your love. Knowing the accurate flowers that symbolize love can make your task a little easier. We have compiled a list of 5 flowers that will immediately put a smile on your partner’s face.

    Red Rose

    This one is quite obvious, as roses have literally been the symbol of love for centuries now. Red roses have reigned as the most romantic flower, and a bouquet of roses means you are winning your lover’s heart. However, even the romantic rose comes in different shades, and each shade represents a different meaning of love. While the red rose definitely represents romance, the burgundy rose signifies a budding romance. If you are in a dilemma, the classic red rose is the best choice. Use our Irvine-CA flower online free delivery services to send the best bouquet of roses to the love of your life.


    Carnations are the trending flowers that are continuously being used in weddings and anniversaries. They symbolize fascination and distinction. Each shade of carnation represents a different meaning. For example, the lighter red shades convey admiration, white carnations represent purity, and pink carnations represent gratitude.


    This lesser-known flower is also called the Peruvian Lily. This unique flower arrangement represents prosperity and a strong bond, which is why it features on this list. Symbolic of devotion, support, and survival, Alstroemeria is the perfect flower to gift your partner. If your relationship has lasted for a long period of time and gone through ups and downs, giving this flower can be a gesture to keep your head high. Now pack the best combination of flowers from one of our Irvine-CA flower shops and send them to your friends and family.


    Tulips are the most favored romantic flowers, right after roses. This fragrant flower is used in Easter celebrations worldwide, and it also represents perfect love. Just like all other flowers, tulips are available in a myriad of colors and each of them signify a different meaning. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of red tulips, which signifies true love. Apart from red tulips, purple tulips signify loyalty. If you are seeking forgiveness from your partner, white and yellow tulips are the ones you should pick.


    Lilacs are a symbol of youthful innocence, however, darker shades of lilac represent love and passion. Magenta lilacs are very popular as magenta is the color of love, while blue lilacs signify tranquility. For Valentine’s Day, light purple lilac is often the most preferred flower as it represents first love and couples use it to recall their feelings of young love.

    Florals are the perfect gift for your lover as it leaves a lasting impression. Customize your bouquet with different flowers so that your partner feels the shower of care on a special day. Choose to send flowers online from SnapBloom’s exquisite collection of flowers directly from our website. www.snapblooms.com


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