7 Tips to Get the Dining Chair That’s Worth Every Penny

    Dining Chair
    Dining Chair

    There’s always that temptation to settle for a piece of furniture that saves us money. We have all scrimped at some point, and let’s all admit it: We might have saved a few bucks, but later we will realize that we brought home pieces that will soon fall apart, making us spend more in the long haul.  

    Our dining areas play a vital role in our homes. It’s one of the most used spaces, and it’s only practical to invest in something that will make our experiences here pleasant. Imagine settling in a cozy chair while sipping your morning cup of joe or comfortably enjoying a nice dinner with your family. These are the kinds of experiences that quality kitchen chairs bring—and the kind of pieces worth investing in!

    Here, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you buy the perfect dining chairs.

    Get the Ones that Bring Comfort 

    We don’t just stuff ourselves in the dining room and leave when we’re done. Over sumptuous meals, we love having conversations! It is important to choose kitchen chairs that keep you and your company comfortable for longer sitting.

    To check if a chair is a comfortable one, sit on a chair to know how it feels. Is the chair too narrow or wide enough? When you lean back, does it make you feel relaxed or the frame feels too hard? Also, if you’re working from home and your dining area doubles as your workspace, it’s good to keep this tip in mind!

    Choose Your Style

    This is the part everybody surely enjoys. Everyone has a personality, and you can bring that out through the styles you pick. Contemporary designs—simple and neat—are one of the most sought-after styles for people looking for a minimalist touch.

    If you’re fun and adventurous, you can go for cheerful-colored acrylic chairs. Elegant and timeless? Classic upholstered acacia and rubberwood seats would be perfect for you. Just remember that if you are buying the table and chairs separately, pick a common element so they would look great together. It can be the material, design, finish, or color.

    Pick the Material That Works for You

    Getting the right material is one of the most important factors to determine how long a chair will serve you. Have kids in your house and you want less maintenance? An upholstered leather would be great. Unlike fabric, you can easily wipe it clean.

    Want one that you can use from room to room? Metal dining chairs are lightweight and versatile. When necessary, you can just pick it up and put it back afterward.  

    Mind the Size

    We often forget to measure the size when we’re too preoccupied with style. But we cannot reiterate it enough, once you’re planning to buy dining chairs, measure the space you’ll put it in. Check the size of the dining area, the space around your dining table.

    If you’re someone who frequently invites friends over, estimate the space the chairs will consume if you need to bring out extra ones.

    Have Kids? Choose Kid-Friendly Ones

    Most young ones move through the house like tiny tornadoes. During mealtimes, you’ll know they love the food when they jump around after every bite! If you choose the right chair, they’ll have a great time while having their favorite meals as you do.

    Pick a good height—one that they can sit on and get off from on their own. Hardwood and oak ones don’t tip over easily as they’re on the heavy side.

    Rounded edges are also generally more recommended. Those with sharp edges might bruise kids if they accidentally bump into it.

    Consider the Height

    We’ve all sat on a chair that’s too low or too high—our knees are banging up against the table or our elbows are too high up on the surface we’re eating on. For sure, it ruined the dining experience. This is how much height plays a role in the shopping process.

    Concerning aesthetics: Dining rooms with low ceilings would look cramped with high chairs, whereas those with high ceilings would need chairs with higher backs to fill the space beautifully. If you’re particular about proportions, it’s something you’d want to think about!

    Be the Judge of the Quality

    Good thing, you don’t have to be a furniture expert to judge whether or not a chair is structurally sound! You can jiggle it a little or move it around to see if the chair sways or moves with just the slightest pressure. Also, the surface should not have sharp edges, and the fabric should be smooth without snags. Quality chairs have sturdy legs and back support. If there are imperfections on the surface or if the fabric looks a bit overlooked during its quality check, you just know that you’ll have a chance at scoring a much better one. We do a lot of sitting, and if there is a paramount aspect we need to pay the most attention to, it would have to be quality!


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