Are We Doing Enough to Save the Planet?

Are- We- Doing -Enough to- Save -the -Planet

The global population has been steadily growing and with better medicine and new technology, people live longer now than ever before, yet the resources needed to support billions of us are indeed finite, not to mention the millions of tonnes of carbon we send into the atmosphere. We all know and admire Greta Thunberg, who tells the governments to start doing something instead of endlessly debating environmental issues, yet it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Here are a few green initiatives that are making a difference.

Plastic recycling

We now have the technology to produce fabric from recycled plastic bottles and this will develop into other products that make good use of recycled plastic. This sector works closely with ocean plastic collectors that are pulling out many tonnes of plastic that currents take to specific regions, where it can easily be collected.

Water pollution

– Governments around the world have initiatives to clean up their waterways and with oil-water separators and oil stop valves in place, oil spills can quickly be cleaned up. Here in the US, the federal government has very strict regulations regarding releasing waste into waterways and there are huge fines levied when toxic material is released.

Scrap metal recycling

The more metal we can recycle, the less mining we need to do, and the scrap metal industry has taken up the challenge, with many recycling as much as 90% of what they collect.

Phasing out internal combustion engines

Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight and the good news is, EVs are already in production, with electric cars and motorcycles that use charging stations. Governments will increase taxation of internal combustion vehicles to the point where everyone will switch to EVs, while the EV industry is a work in progress, with vehicles traveling further per charge. If you are planning to build a business website, here are a few tips.

Marine conservation

We deserve a pat on the back for rescuing the whale population from certain extinction, as all whale species are now off the critically endangered list and their numbers are growing steadily. All over the world, marine biologists are doing what they can to preserve marine ecosystems and with ecotourism taking off, we are far more aware of our environment than ever before.

Green energy

Clean and renewable energy is available from the sun and the wind and we are making headway in both of these sectors. You have surely noticed the huge windmills around the US, as we take the lead from Europe, where wind technology is cutting edge. Perhaps the biggest leap forward is with the solar energy sector, which is now moving into residential use and as the cost of solar panels drops, more and more homeowners are lured to switching from the national grid to solar power.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) heads up the charge to protect the natural resources and let’s hope that this continues and we leave a blue planet for the next generations.


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