Audience segmentation helps build a better online marketing strategy


    When you’re out dining with your friends – who order from the menu? Do you choose what to order for them? Or do they tell you what they like? Answers for all these questions might not seem significant but it teaches a lot about preferences and choices. 

    The food they like might not be as parallel as what you think they like! You might know everything about your friend – for example, their tastes, pickings, reasons behind choices. But when it comes down to choosing – it’s highly dynamic.

    If you understand the above, then knowing your audience becomes easy. Audience segmentation is precisely about dividing the people depending on their tastes and preferences.

    Why is it important?

    Before answering your question – let me counter ask you, “Why are demographics important for your business?”. Of course, you’d want to know the following things about your audience,

    • What is the majority age group?
    • Which gender dominates the most?
    • The location.
    • Ethnicity.
    • Family structure.

    All of these & more allow you to determine how you will sell the product and improve the brand’s reach. However, the above factors don’t answer all of your questions. Quantitating the behavior is where audience segmentation comes into the picture.

    Two people of similar demographics will have completely different choices. For instance, two women come from the same ethnicity, income and family structure. One prefers to spend their money on high fashion, while the other prefers to invest in stock instead! Then, how would you appeal to both?

    Audience segmentation is beneficial when you know your product well and find creative ways to reach a broader audience. Because this segmentation speaks more about behavior and lifestyle choices. 

    Tips on how audience segmentation benefits your online marketing strategy

    A new way of communication

    Two women are heavily interested in skincare products. While one is in her early 20’s, the other is in her late 40’s! The reason behind this choice is nothing but a sheer love for the brand. Now, this lifestyle preference messes up with your demographic analysis. Using audience segmentation, you can gather the likes and communicate accordingly.

    Emailing is the best way to communicate as it is more authorized yet personal. Find the contacts using an email search engine like Powered by AI, this tool can find anyone’s email within seconds! It also has a chrome extension that can be linked to your Gmail. Thus, making it easy for you to search and send emails all at once!

    Moreover, by using audience segmentation for your email marketing efforts, you can divide your audience into certain groups to send customized emails. It can also help your business align its email marketing messages toward understanding and fulfilling the needs of your target audience. So, if you want to make the most out of the audience segmentation to build a better email marketing campaign, educate yourself about this strategy and how it can help establish an audience and drive more leads. To get more information, you can check out some resource materials like the blogs from Email Marketing Easy and other websites.

    Multi-channel marketing

    Online marketing in different channels allows you for a broader outreach. With audience segmentation in the picture, you can decide what content to share on what platform depending upon the interest of the concentrated groups. 

    Since most of the population is online regardless of their age or gender, you should be able to share posts on Instagram & Pinterest and upload blogs on your blogging websites pretty easily. Because of the segmentation, you might discover that most of the younger generation are on TikTok and create content accordingly!

    Final thoughts 

    The above are the best two outcomes for gathering in-depth information from your audience. Apart from those, you can find the customers potential by mapping their journey on your website. Then send customized emails with offers and discounts. Many businesses – big or small – are following this trend to improve their sales.


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