Be Smart and Invest in This Must-have Kitchenware


Saving money by purchasing only the most essential Kitchenware equipment is a good idea. It might save a portion of your savings, but will it save your time?

Time is more valuable than money! To acquire more time to do your hobbies and everything else, it is recommended to buy essential kitchenware to make your cooking activities faster and more efficient. For more information on best butchers in Melbourne please visit Peter Bouchier

Efficient Knife

Do not settle to use the same knife again and again for a long time. If you are one of those kitchen gurus who’s having a hard time slicing meat and vegetables, invest in a quality sharp knife that is easy to hold.

If you want to keep your all-time favourite knife, try to use a knife sharpener weekly to keep your slicing materials in top shape.

Cooking Utensils

Whisk makes every mixing activity faster and more fun to do rather than using your other utensils. It is very satisfying to whisk eggs and pancake batter, don’t you agree?

You do not need to use two forks or any set of utensils to flip or get food pieces in your bowl or cooking pan. A pair of tongs can do it all. Long tongs are also recommended to get, so you do not need to stretch your arm even more.

Different Sizes Pans

You can multitask in cooking different dishes by having different kinds of pans according to your needs. Saucepans and large flat pans are the two basic Kitchenware to have. 

Multi-function Cutting Board

Purchase only the most durable cutting board in the market. Low-quality cutting boards leave a pungent smell even after washing them multiple times. There are cutting boards that can be turned as a colander, so you do not need another material to effectively wash your vegetables.

Buying big cutting boards also makes your slicing activity faster since you do not have to get another container to separate your ingredients. Plus, fewer containers needed to be washed!

Non-Stick Utensils

Usual pans are sticky, and you need to have oil at your side to avoid burning the food you are cooking. What if you do not have oil around? Such a bummer, right? Plus, less to zero amount of oil is healthier.

Be smart and buy non-stick pans since they have the finest heating capabilities. This is a trick to cook your food evenly, more delicious, and hassle-free.

If you like baking bread, the non-stick silicone covered rolling pin is twice as effective as the usual wooden rolling pin. It is very time-consuming to always scrape the dough every roll to even out the layers.

Microwave or Toaster

Just put the food inside a microwave or toaster, click buttons, wait for a while, and you are good to go. This appliance is the best equipment to reheat leftovers in a fast manner. 

Measuring Materials

Measuring spoons and cups are cheap and will make your cooking journey easier in many ways. You do not need to compute or manually struggle to find the right amount of ingredients to perfect your dish.

These materials are a baker’s secret for consistent quality output.

Food Processor

This is an underrated appliance that can exceed your expectation due to its versatility and ability to shred, blend, mix, and puree ingredients. Do not waste your time doing it manually if the technology can do the hard work for you faster and more efficient.

You do not need to own a bunch of expensive kitchenware; you just need to be wise and choose the utensils and equipment with multi-function features that you can use to speed things up. 


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