Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best -Apps- Every -Student -Should- Use

According to Statista, more than 2.1 million applications are available in AppStore, which is a source of mobile applications for Apple devices. Google Play offers the ability to install more than 3.3 million apps on Android devices. There is a huge assortment of different applications to install on your device these days. Therefore, many students have a ton of apps on their smartphones.

Unfortunately, most of the applications installed on students’ smartphones are not frequently used. Many learners use only several best applications regularly. If you’re a student looking for the top mobile apps to install on your smartphone, you’re at the right place. Scroll down below and find the selection for the best apps that every student should use.



Meticulous money management is required to keep your budget safe. This application helps eliminate the need to count every penny in your pocket. It can track all your expenses and deliver useful insights, which can be helpful for students who have tight budgets. For example, the application can help you understand how much money you spend on monthly subscriptions and what is recommended to cancel to keep your budget safe. Also, it delivers personalized insights on the increased costs of subscriptions that force you to pay more than average. The app has several features to help users save money that helps lower bills. It provides new money-saving offers and helps you negotiate with other companies to lower your monthly bills.

Using this app, you can save a lot of money, so you will be able to order professional academic writing assistance to increase your GPA without any hassle. Having some spare money in your budget, read the reviews to find a reputable academic paper writing company that will help you become a successful student. Skilled writers will create top-grade papers that match all your requirements and send them upon the specified deadlines.

Google Drive


These days most documents are digital. Undergraduates use their computers to compose academic papers and share them with their tutors. Google Drive is a must-have app that will help you keep all your files safe. It offers the opportunity to get 15GB of storage space in the cloud. Using the application, you will be able to easily upload your crucial documents to the cloud so that they will stay safe from any possible issues. Even if the hard drive on your computer crashes accidentally, your file will remain safe.

Besides, the application has several helpful features. It can upload photos to the cloud simultaneously. Therefore, all the snaps of college papers and happy moments of your student’s life will stay safe. If you don’t have a stable connection to the Internet, the application can make selected files available offline, so you will always get access to important documents. Google Drive supports almost all file types, has a convenient search, and foresees the ability to protect crucial files in the cloud by setting a password.

One of the primary app’s perks is the ability to configure a collaborative environment without any hassle. You can easily share files saved in the cloud under your account with others by sending a shareable link. Also, you can create shared drives so that other members will have access to selected documents. With the help of Google Docs and Google Sheets support, you can create documents that all your mates will be able to edit simultaneously by following a particular link.


Homework is almost always a daunting task. Students invest time and effort to complete their academic tasks. Therefore, many undergraduates read the speedy paper reviews to learn more about the best writing service that helps compose academic papers without any stress. When learners place orders, they hire skilled writers who write academic papers and deliver them on time. Consequently, learners receive top grades and stay safe from stress.

The Chegg application is one of the most popular tools students use to excel in college without delegating their tasks to others. It brings the opportunity to find textbook solutions, expert answers, and explanatory videos to discover answers to particular questions. There are more than 55 million solutions presented in the app. Also, this app has an integrated tool that solves math problems. For instance, it’s required to snap it with a camera and wait for several seconds to resolve an equation quickly. It will analyze a problem and bring a correct solution.



Most students have tight budgets. In order to keep their money safe, they live in shared spaces, make purchases in bulk, and spend on entertainment together. This application helps get rid of the hassle caused by splitting expenses. It has a simple and easy-to-understand functionality that offers the opportunity to split all the expenses between several people. With the help of the application, you can split all the expenses equally, by a certain amount, or by percentages. Also, it offers the opportunity to send money directly. Therefore, this app will help you pay for rent effortlessly if you lease an apartment with your mates. You won’t experience any issues paying for one receipt if you eat out with your friend.


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