Top 20+ Names That Mean Ocean To Inspire You

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You

What names can carry meanings as deep as the ocean? Folks looking for names that carry philosophical symbolism like the ocean itself are exactly reading the right article.

“When that which drew out from the boundless deep, turns again home.”

Tennyson definitely expressed the beginning and end of life just by using a single metaphor that is the ocean, the boundless deep. The ocean is the beginning of life on earth and it symbolizes the unknown, the unfathomable, chaos, and formlessness.

Basically, it defines a human in an undefined way, such a paradox isn’t it? So let’s dive right into the deep to get your child a creative and meaningful name that means ocean.

Names That Mean Ocean

The word ocean is derived from different roots in several mythologies. In archaic French it is derived from the word “Ocean”, in Latin from “Oceanus” and originally from ancient Greek “Okeanos”, a water deity.

There are so many names that mean ocean, really you are bound to be at sea if you start to explore names that mean ocean but what am I here for?

Don’t worry I have dug deep to get you the best of names that mean ocean so that you don’t drown in the vastness and get puzzled about what to choose and what not to.

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Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

1. Moana- Want to name your pretty baby girl after a Disney princess? That’s the name for her. Moana is a strong and powerful female protagonist in an epic movie. The name means a body of open water, in particular the sea.

2. Amphitrite– In Greek mythology, Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea. This name can symbolize the personality of your child as very good and calm.

3. Hae– Are you too a big K-drama fan? Yeah! they are astonishingly splendid, no wonder they are gaining so much popularity and fandom worldwide. So you would definitely want your child to have a Korean name that means ocean.

4. Sagar– pronounced as ‘Saagar’, is a Sanskrit name that means sea.

5. Kailani- This is the name of Hawaiian origin. If you love beaches and sand of different hues and deep blue ocean this is the best name. It means sky and the sea. It can be spelled as ‘Kalyani’, or ‘Kaylee’.

6. Arnav– This name is popular both in India and the US. It means ocean. If you are a Bollywood enthusiast let me give you a fantastic fact. The amazing actor Akshay Khanna named his son the same.

7. Salacia- This is the name of the goddess of leaping spring water in Roman mythology. The name is a personification of the calm and sunlit aspect of the sea.

Unisex Names That Mean Ocean

There are names that are gender neutral and can be accepted as both feminine and masculine. One can name their girl or boy these names that mean ocean. A unisex name that means ocean becomes more boundless don’t you think?

It can feel like utmost freedom to have a name that does not particularly depict you strictly feminine or masculine because no one actually is, we carry both attributes in ourselves.

1. Kai- Related to Hawaiian origin, Kai is a unisex name that means ocean. It is short and precise.

2. Nile- A big One Direction Fan? This is the name for your name. Also, the Nile is of English origin referring to the river Nile, the longest river in the world.

3. Bay- It is a unisex name of English origin meaning a small sea inlet.

4. River- It is a gender-neutral name meaning a body of water. It symbolizes freedom, life, and the passage of time.

5. Hama- It is of Japanese origin meaning beach, seacoast, seashore.

 Greek Names That Mean Sea

Greek mythology is very ancient and important. It is a series of tales and stories of the gods, heroes, and rituals. If you want to give your child a mythical and western name they are listed below.

1. Hali- The name Hali is basically a female name of Greek origin that means sea.

2. Doris- It is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning a gift of the ocean.

3. Triton- The son of Poseidon and Amphitrite in Greek mythology. He is the Greek god of sea.

4. Thalassa– The Greek meaning of the name Thalassa is “the sea”.

5. Ceto– Is your child like the dangerous beauty of the sea? This is their name for her. Ceto is the first created goddess of the dangers of water and sea monsters.

 Unique Ocean Names

1.Anahita– This name refers to the aqua life meaning water or sea blue. It is a Persian name that is unique.

2. Arva- It is a distinguished Marathi name meaning from the sea shore.

3. Marina- It is of Latin origin and means ‘of the sea’ or refers to the marine life under the ocean.

4. Tasi- It is a very rare name that is related to the Chamorro language and it means ocean.

5. Barun- In Indian origin Barun is a masculine name meaning lord of the sea. It is a Hindu name.

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Baby Boy Names That Means Ocean

1. Neptune- In the Roman religion, Neptune is the god of the sea. This name is directly related to the deity of the ocean. It can symbolize the qualities of your child as pure and protected as the attributes of the god of the sea the Trident and Dolphin. The trident is also the symbol of lord Shiva.

2. Ariel- People who love Shakespeare would definitely want this name. Ariel appeared in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ where he pulled up a magical tempest at the sea. The name means sea sprite.

3. Dayasagar- It is a Hindu name of the Indian religion. It means lenient or ocean of grace or sea of clemency and compassion.

4. Nadish- It is a name inspired by the ocean meaning God of the river.

5. Dhrtvan- It is a boy name of Indian Hindu origin that symbolizes attributes like cleverness, steadfastness, and resoluteness.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

A girl is as fierce as the sea and naming her after an ocean would be the perfect way to name her.

1.Melusine- Pertaining to European tradition this particular name symbolizes a feminine spirit of fresh water in a well or sacred river. Your baby girl is as beautiful as a mermaid and this is the perfect name for her.

2. Damona- It means healing or river. This name is of Gallo-Roman culture.

3. Ganga- You can name your girl child after the sacred river Ganga because she is so pure.

4. Brigid- It can be spelled as Bridget as well. This name is related to the Irish goddess of water where three streams join.

5. Cordelia- Pertaining to the archaic Latin and Celtic origin Cordelia is a female name meaning ‘heart and daughter of the sea’.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are nice ocean names?

Some nice ocean names are Aanavi, Aarna, Yamuna, Dylan, Arnab, Kale, and many more.

 2.  A girl’s name that means ocean?

A girl’s name that means the ocean is Maris.

To Summarize

Our names carry profound significance as they become a part of our individuality and nature.

They vividly depict our identity and are associated with ethnic, idiomatic, archival, and familial importance and one should be very thoughtful before keeping them.

If you find the ocean really deep and mysterious and you love nature and want a name associated with it I am sure reading this article is of great help.

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