Can Vitamin Supplements Be Beneficial to Your Health?

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    Vitamins are organic molecules required by our body for proper functioning, just like how our fav Red casino is required for a proper entertainment session. Our body uses these vitamins to develop and function properly. Some of these include vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and choline.

    Vitamin B is an essential vitamin and further holds components. These include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folate/folic acid.

    Even though these vitamins are required in small quantities, our bodies cannot synthesize them, which is why we depend on our diet for these. All natural foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, and dry fruits) contain a generous amount of these vitamins.

    However, some people cannot absorb the vitamins through their diets, and doctors prescribe them vitamin supplements. These supplements help the body get its required dose.

    Understanding Vitamin Supplements

    Before we discuss these vitamin supplements’ benefits, let us understand what these supplements really are.

    People use vitamin supplements or dietary supplements to fulfill the dietary needs required by their bodies.

    Essentially, our diet should fulfill these needs, but sometimes, due to medical reasons or the wrong diet, our body cannot synthesize them in the right quantity, and this is when we depend on these artificial resources.

    Doctors prescribe vitamin supplements to conquer the deficiencies caused due to insufficient dietary intake. There are many types of vitamin supplements.

    Types Of Vitamin Supplements

    Vitamin supplements come in different forms for different consumers.

    1. Tablets and capsules: Most often prescribed by doctors to patients with mild to moderate deficiencies due to insufficient or inappropriate diet.
    2. Injections: These are administered to patients with a severe deficiency; the body is not absorbing the nutrients from the diet.
    3. Gummies: Doctors prescribe these to children or adults who can not take tablets. They are made similar to candy gummies but with vitamins. The dosage is often very low in these gummies.
    4. Powders: Generally, supplement powders help in fulfilling protein deficiencies, and people use them when trying to lose weight or tone up their muscles.
    5. Drinks: Supplemental drinks, more commonly known as energy drinks, mostly contain a high amount of carbohydrates and calories and are used for instant energy.
    6. Because of a high number of proteins and carbohydrates, energy bars are used as a functional food. They contain cereals, micronutrients, added protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

    Benefits Of Vitamin Supplements

    There can be multiple reasons for using vitamin supplements. Mostly we use them to cover deficiencies in our bodies. Many people use these for a healthier body, yet others use vitamin supplements while trying to reduce their weight through diet control.

    Vitamins for a healthy body

    We have all heard of a condition called malabsorption. The main cause of this malabsorption is insufficient nutrients in our bodies. The human body functions with the help of different bodily functions. These functions cause disruption when our body has a deficit of certain micro-nutrients. These micro-nutrients or vitamins are essential for healthy bodily functions. When deficient, the doctor prescribes vitamin supplements.

    Boosts energy and concentration

    Vitamins B, which include (B6, B12, Folic Acid, Thiamine, and Niacin) are responsible for providing energy to the body and the mind. By including vitamin B, you are literally providing “food for thought” and improving your energy.

    Special circumstances

    Like celiac disease, there are various other circumstances where your body requires a little extra boost for proper function. Pre and Post birth are two examples of such circumstances when the body is not able to produce what your body requires. Panic, anxiety, and depression are also examples of this scenario.

    Some extra strength

    Vitamins and minerals are the core of your strength. A healthy dose of this help strengthen the immune system and helps you maintain your body. Multivitamins are especially used by those trying to reduce weight through diet control.

    Makes your immune system strong

    An immune system helps you fight off all the germs in your environment. You can escape a lot of illnesses if you take your multivitamin pills regularly. A strong immune system means a strong you.

    How do Vitamin Supplements work?

    There are as many advantages as there are disadvantages. About 40% of medical store sales are based on vitamin supplements only. On average, 3 out of adults take some vitamin supplement, the most common of them being calcium and Vitamin D.

    Vitamins cannot delay death, but they can help us live a much fuller life. Please do not consider them a substitute for meals, but they can help keep you healthy. A major cause of most diseases and illnesses is the deficiency of some vitamins or minerals. Taking these vitamins can help combat many conditions.

    1. Vitamin A can slow down age-related vision loss.
    2. Vitamin B12 can help keep nerve and blood cells healthy and prevent anemia.
    3. Vitamin C helps fight off the common cold, flu, and covid.
    4. Vitamin D can strengthen bones and muscles.
    5. Vitamin E prevents cell damage.
    6. Folic acid helps reduce birth defects and improve memory.
    7. Calcium promotes bone health.
    8. Fish oil supports heart health.
    9. Zinc is good for skin health.
    10. Melatonin promotes a night of healthy sleep.

    Are Vitamin Supplements Healthy?

    There are as many arguments in favor of vitamins as there are against them. Vitamins are good for fighting off deficiencies, but they can sometimes pass out of the digestive system without being digested, especially in people with absorption issues like Celiac disease. There is a simple solution: try to take vitamins in liquid form.

    Then another issue raised is that too much of certain vitamins can lead to issues like fatigue, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, depression, difficulty breathing, kidney failure, and a few other things. The solution is to consult a physician before starting any vitamins.

    Vitamins do not need to be approved by FDA. So it is better to consult a doctor and follow proper testing before starting a course. You should not take them continuously. Never take more than one multivitamin at a time, as that can result in an overdose.

    When taken carefully and with proper directions, vitamin supplements can be beneficial. Try to follow the instructions to get maximum benefits. A proper intake can help you overcome many pressing issues like anxiety disorders, aging, and nutritional imbalance. It also improves eyesight, strengthens bones, and improves the immune system.

    The answer to your question, “can vitamin supplements be beneficial to your health?” depends upon your usage only. Utilizing them in the required way will benefit your body, but if you go against the directions or doctors’ advice, they can harm you. So be very careful of how you use them and take advantage of their benefits.


    There are many benefits of taking vitamins. However, they do not make up for the benefits of taking it naturally. Doctors and scientists invented these supplements for people who have difficulty absorbing the vitamins. This inability to absorb is common for people with digestive issues or certain autoimmune disorders, makings it difficult for the blood to absorb nutrients from the diet.

    Sometimes, a deficiency of one element leads to a deficiency of another, which again results in reduced vitamin levels. In such cases, patients are encouraged to take vitamin supplements. Taking vitamins naturally benefits you, and you should take supplements only for emergencies.


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