CBD Oil For Cats


    Cats need caring for too as independent as they are, we all need affection, a safe place to call home, and proper nutrition. Sure we see them only so often through the day as they stroll in and out from their adventures, and if they could talk, oh the stories they would tell.

    But all those excursions and trips take energy, and they need a proper diet to fuel their bodies, while we can’t make them eat their multivitamins before heading out we can incorporate them into their meals.

    Dinner time.

    We are always looking for new, healthier options when it comes to diet and ingredients, and thankfully, there is one product that seems to tick all the boxes. The human species has long turned to nature for sustenance, opting for herbs and plants that provide nourishment and health positives, and this is no different.

    The CBD oil that is extracted from the Hemp plant is an ingredient that fits all demographics, all ages, and treats a long list of physical and mental health issues. It has been shown to drastically alter the course of lives and significantly improve the quality of life the user was experiencing. Now, we have the opportunity to give our animals and pets this same advantage by implementing the oil into their daily routine.

    Preparing your cat’s regular meals doesn’t have to change, with the one exception that you are now adding in a dose of Cannabidiol. Stirring it into the cooked food just before you serve it will ensure they ingest it all without a fuss and reap the rewards while being none the wiser.

    Giving CBD oil for cats is a small effort to make but it has a significant impact and positive change to their overall wellbeing. We rely on and trust the generic food brands we purchase from the supermarkets to hopefully have all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs, but we can never be too sure, and this way we have peace of mind that they are getting the most out of their food and with the necessary nutrients for optimal body functioning.

    How to incorporate CBD.

    Besides the dinner mealtimes, there are other tried and successfully tested methods to add Cannabidiol to your cat’s food menu, and because it is a natural ingredient found in nature it is suited to all breeds, shapes, and sizes and is highly versatile.

    If you and your cat have a close bond where essentially you or the kids can pull and tug and play with them without them blinking an eye then a great way would be to try adding a few drops of the CBD oil directly into the mouth under the tongue. This is easily absorbed into the blood and can get straight to work in the body.

    Leaving dry food out for your pet is always recommended so they can graze freely as they come and go and not for them to worry about meals or food and risk them not wanting to eat at all.

    A few drops of oil soaked into their dry, baked treats is a quick and easy way to add CBD. And they will have a continuous source of benefits from this plant compound, read more about CBD here https://www.petmd.com/cat/care/cbd-oil-cats-what-you-need-know to see just how many positives it has to offer.

    Top 3 advantages of CBD for your cat.

    • Aggression. Some pet owners may never have experienced this but aggression is a common occurrence in pets and cats, in particular, they can be possessive and very territorial and it can scare children if they don’t know what’s happening. CBD can help regulate the way pulses are sent to and from the brain and thus regulate your cat’s mood, with a managed and maintained mood there is less chance of a sudden angry outburst.
    • Appetite. Who knew that animals will deprive themselves of food but it does happen. To ideally prevent this or bring them back to the dinner table in a sense, adding CBD to their meals will give them the positive mental capacity to enjoy their daily adventures and with a renewed sense of energy. Keeping meals interesting with varying flavors and textures will also help.

    Why not try your hand at a great cat treat recipe in this link and give your cat a surprise when they come home to eat, you may see them more often than not pacing back and forth in front of the dinner bowl so be sure to have some extras handy.

    • Anxiety. Cats are always finding a cozy nook or corner to cuddle up into but in this situation, it may not be a good thing. If you have fireworks night or bonfire celebration on the go you might see your cat disappear for long periods, they can sense the energy and can feel stressed knowing what’s to come. Cannabidiol helps to calm and de-stress their anxiety levels and they can merely sit back and watch the spectacle going on at home.

    Cats and animals, in general, have feelings and emotions just like we do, the only difference is they have no specific way to communicate their feelings besides whimpering or whining if they can.

    We need, as responsible pet owners, to be constantly aware of changes in behavior, actions, and eating habits, and if this can be regulated and helped with the use of an all-natural ingredient such as CBD then you are on the right track. 


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