60+ Cool & Catchy Stripper Names [Updated 2022]

Stripper Names

Let’s go to Strippers club! A.a, I know it sounds exciting! So, tell me, have you ever given a name to any stripper yet? Whom do you look forward to in the stripper club? If not, dude, you are really behind the trends. Naming your favorite stripper is fun.

In fact, sometimes, even you are being recognized as their favorite customer too (yeah, it totally depends on the name and your behavior though). So, go creative and find the list I created for someone like you.

Male Stripper Names

Did you know, strip dancing is trending since 1970? But those were the days when feminine beauty was admired to the core. But those days are gone because now, muscles are competing too. And male strippers are in the game and building their careers around it. So, you never who can be your favorite male stripper too.

So, I have also included some funny names in this table to provide you with the most comprehensive list of male stripper names available.

Stellar PrettyIcemewlloControl StripperLoop StripperAriana
Baby BulletAmethystSong StripperAchala StripperPinkzzz
Vanilla CreamAnnikaKitty StripperPros Only StripperSenses Sealgul
Buff BucketArabellaBrilliant StripperProtect StripperDubarry

Girl Stripper Names

Female strippers are pretty popular, and the demand for girl strippers continues to grow on a daily basis. Because of the strong demand for female strippers, their wages are higher than those of male or male dancers.

Lotus LolaBytes of BenefitsKittyPros Only Stripper
Kitty LoveBooty SeedBrilliantProtect Stripper
Deal DollDark CycloneAware StripperBotanic Stripper
Lovely LockerZeniMeadow StripperFlame Stripper

Sexy Stripper Names

Because these are incredibly appealing names for strippers, customers would seek you out if they arrange a private party or bachelor’s party using these sexy nicknames for strippers.

Naughty RobinCutebiaCreation StripperFreaks StripperAurora
Red RegentSugar SoftyYou StripperFootprint StripperAthena
EnticeGolden GalacticMeditation StripperFirst StripperAriel
Flame FlyBeatrixShared StripperLot StripperColored Bug

Exotic Stripper Names

Stripper Names

These names may also be used by those who seek to pursue a professional career as a stripper dancer in addition to the general public.

Flame FlyColored BugShared StripperLot Stripper
CutebiaTrippy CaratCentral StripperBlues Stripper
GemmaLissoBodyBuild StripperBotany Stripper
FionaIconic WildWare StripperAcquisition Stripper

Funny Stripper Names

In the event that you want to become a stripper and also want to become beautiful and hilarious so that you will always be the first option for those who are on the lookout for funny stripper names, then these are the names that you should consider.

GunslingerTeen TasteBarn StripperBambino StripperTeen Taste
Guild GirlWarmly WallCluster StripperEstates StripperWarmly Wall
Humble HubbleWise VioletPhantom StripperKnight StripperWise Violet
Twinkle TearsDesi Play LeafCreation StripperFreaks StripperDesi Play Leaf

Most Popular Stripper Names

Stripper Names

Stripper names are used by stripper dancers that perform in nightclubs and private events to provide entertainment for the audience.

Red WavesLovely LouisKitty StripperPros Only StripperChuck Cog
Jasmin XOXOBuxomBrilliant StripperProtect StripperDazzle Daze
CutebiaLoveladyAware StripperBotanic StripperLove Clue
Rider JackHoney MunchMeadow StripperFlame StripperFoxy


1. Most popular stripper names?

Brandi is a girl’s name. The name was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. Warm and reassuring name.

Raven is an all-black bird, thus it’s a good name for dark-skinned strip “Wise” or “Dark-haired” in English.
Melissa is the Greek Goddess of the Queen Bee.

So the name means “bee” or “honey”. But Melissa was a goddess of might.

2. What are the stripper names?

Strippers may use many stage identities at different clubs, parties, films, and videos, typically based on current events or pop-culture allusions.

Kitty is a nice exotic dancer name. It’s short and sweet, and it’s simply shortened to “Kitty Love.” You may also add adjectives describing your physical attributes to make it more specific to your look.

3. Who can use these stripper names?

People who work as stripper dancers or attend stripper parties might call themselves by these names. Stripper dancers may also adopt these names if they want to pursue a professional career in the industry.

There are a variety of themed parties that cater to a variety of interests, including horror, comedy, and more. You may also use these names for a nudist party or similar event if one is taking place.

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