Flutter developer salary per hour: what rates to expect in 2022

Flutter- developer- salary -per- hour
Flutter developer salary per hour

Flutter is ravishing its way among top cross-platform languages to become the next big thing, and honestly, it is getting there. Companies are trying to hire Flutter developers to make something that hasn’t been done before. That is why it is crucial to discuss the Flutter developer salary. Getting your hands on a Flutter developer who is skilled yet offers optimum rates is somewhat more problematic. You can read about the Flutter developer salary per hour in detail by going towards the link.

Flutter- Is it the next big thing?

Flutter was introduced back in 2017, and since then, it has been changing the way developers make interactive elements. Released by Google, it is a development kit that allows developers to make cross-platform applications.

Advantages of Flutter

It is quick:

One of the first reasons people are trying to move towards Flutter is that it is quick, and by quick, we mean in every possible way. It will take you less than an hour to install and run the program. Moreover, the compiling time of Flutter is also feasible compared to other cross-platform development kits.

It is easy:

Developers always try to get their hands on tools that are easy to access. And that is precisely what Flutter is offering to the users. Flutter is based on the Dart language that Google developed. Dart replaced Javascript. If any coder has knowledge of Javascript, he/she can easily learn Dart. The default toolchain already consists of essential plugins, which is a relief. There is always an option of downloading the plugins that you need.

It is consistent:

Flutter is consistent, meaning that it shows a detailed alignment of UIs and logic. It shows an exact picture of what you have achieved so far. And that is one of the main reasons why developers prefer this platform.

What do Flutter developers do?

The question that comes into mind is, what do Flutter developers do if this cross-platform development kit is so accessible? And why Flutter developer jobs salary is peaking.

Yes, the platform is easy to use. However, there is still a need to link the interactive elements with their functions. This is what Flutter developers do. It is the developer’s responsibility to write code that works like a charm. Developers have to follow the rules of the Agile development cycle to create something that matters. Not only that, the developers have to streamline partner software so that the clients can get the most out of their apps. And there are communication skills that are needed. So, combining that up, the Flutter developer’s average salary is exactly what they are asking.

Flutter developer salary

Flutter is changing the way we develop cross-platform apps. Due to the advantages, many users are moving towards this. However, the demand has also increased over these years. So, it is vital to talk about the Flutter dart developer salary.Let’s divide the salary scale according to the experience level. This will help you understand the metrics better.

Flutter App developer Salary Entry Level

Since Flutter is getting a lot of attention, a lot of entry-level Flutter developers are entering the market. They have a minor experience with the platform, know how to use plugins, and can speak good English.

The average annual Flutter app developer salary entry level in the US is $73,000. While in Western Europe, it is around $60,000. Flutter developer’s average salary in Ukraine lies around $38,000

Flutter developer Average Salary Mid Level

Mid-levels are the ones who have worked with a number of projects and are experienced in Android/iOS development. They are fond of automated testing and have worked with tools like Jenkins. These developers have a higher salary range.

In the US, the range is about $120,000, while in Europe, that is $106,000. As for Ukraine, $67,000 is the number.

Flutter developer Average Salary Senior Level

Senior Level Flutter developer’s average salary is the one that tops all of the above. These developers have profound knowledge of Material design, Android Keyboard API, and Swift design.

The developers are available in the US, Europe, and Ukraine with an average salary of $153,000, $134,000, and $96,000, respectively.

Flutter developer average Salary Per Hour

According to the payscales by Glassdoor, the Flutter developer’s average salary per hour is touching the maximum level. The below-mentioned per-hour rates are based on parameters such as job category, location, industry, and firm size. Here are the results

The USA is the one with the highest per hour wage: $75-$120. In Western Europe and Eastern Europe, it is $70-$90 and $30-$65. As for India, the scale is $25-$40. And the Flutter developer salary in Brazil is $30-$50.


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