499+Best Frat, Preppy Boy Names

Frat, Preppy Boy Names
Frat, Preppy Boy Names

Dressing frat involves wearing darker shades and a Frat Preppy Boy Names look involves wearing lighter shades. But definitely both the looks are classy.

Among high school boys, the way they get dressed reflects their personality and the two common styles are prep and frat. Both styles involve semi-formal attire.

Dressing prep involves wearing shirts of lighter shades but it should be bright with a pair of shorts which is also of bright color.

Frat Guy Names

Frat names can bring together a community. If you are thinking of choosing a unique frat name for your little one, then we can totally help you with that.

Below we have a chart of frat boy names and if you like any of them you can use it to name your baby.


What Is A Frat Person?

By frat boy definition, we can say that frat boys have a distinct pattern of dressing up. Here by Frat Preppy Boy Names, we mean the young gentlemen who are a part of the college fraternity.

Frat boys step out stylishly even when they have no function to attend. For their casual wear, they mostly go for chino pants and polo shirts.

But the most important thing that we should know is the color.

Frat, Preppy Boy Names
What Is A Frat Person

They mostly prefer pastel hues or bright color pants with a top of the same tone. They usually dress up mixing colors like blue with pink.

Another important thing to remember is the details. A frat guy always makes sure that they have enough accessories on before stepping out.

For casual wear, they usually go with footwear and boat shoes. For stylish wear, they prefer boat shoes.

Typical Frat Boy Names

If you are searching for a frat name for your little boy and are confused about which one to go for, we can help to make your task easier.

Right below we are presenting you a list of Frat Preppy Boy Names’. These are the top best names. You can choose the one you think goes just perfectly with your little boy.

Mu Tau LambdaOmicron Zeta KappaRho Tau RhoBeta Psi Zeta
Upsilon AlphaIota Phi LambdaRho Rho Gamma GammaChi Mu Iota
Gamma ZetaTau Chi ZetaXi XiTau Alpha Beta
Lambda MuBeta Nu NuPsi Alpha AlphaAlpha Alpha Kappa Lambda
Tau MuIota Pi AlphaPi Beta Sigma LambdaAlpha Gamma Nu
Omega Eta Zeta LambdaXi Gamma Phi PiOmega Pi Sigma PhiPhi Nu Upsilon
Nu Rho Beta MuDelta Xi PsiUpsilon Chi BetaGamma Gamma Beta
Zeta Zeta NuPi MuTau Zeta SigmaKappa Gamma Theta Beta
Alpha Kappa Omicron DeltaPhi Upsilon Gamma ChiTheta Upsilon MuDelta Xi Kappa
Eta Mu Phi ThetaIota Epsilon Theta PiMu Eta Iota UpsilonRho Pi Nu Psi
Zeta Tau Alpha OmegaChi Nu Rho EtaZeta Sigma Upsilon XiAlpha Beta Epsilon Delta
Phi AlphaUpsilon PsiTau KappaOmega Omicron Zeta
Zeta TauPhi Chi NuPsi Pi MuLambda Zeta
Epsilon Eta Sigma XiOmega Phi Mu TauEta IotaPhi Epsilon
Lambda KappaPi Delta ThetaOmicron Epsilon ChiAlpha Eta
Psi ChiNu Iota GammaSigma Rho Eta XiIota Rho Chi Sigma
Mu UpsilonChi ZetaChi Beta LambdaTau Omicron Chi
RipTrevorZeta MuEpsilon Delta Omicron
RossCamAlpha Lambda Upsilon AlphaTau Rho Omega
ZekeAndyPhi XiMu Beta Xi
Frat, Preppy Boy Names
Typical Frat Boy Names
DunnBryantPsi Rho Epsilon
HartWeberZeta Psi Chi
CunninghamBerrySigma Upsilon Iota
DixonPowersRho Mu Psi Pi
BarkerBatesIota Phi Beta
Xi Gamma Phi Xi Nu Chi RhoTau Eta Zeta Nu
Xi Zeta ThetaEpsilon Sigma TauSigma Eta
Upsilon LambdaUpsilon ZetaNu Xi
Phi Theta RhoGamma Xi MuOmicron Omega
Iota Rho Sigma Omicron KappaDelta Omega Eta
Sigma Beta ThetaCamTanner
Rho Alpha SigmaChaseZeke
Omega XiRipAndy

Preppy Male Names And Meaning

Are you looking for a boy’s name that calls up thoughts of collared shirts and ivy league admission letters? Maybe Hunter Cordle, for instance?

Or if you are someone from a conservative background and want a name that reflects your culture and heritage, then we have got some names for your consideration.

For the ones searching for Frat Preppy Boy Names, preppy male names for your little boy, we have just the perfect list for you.

Winston – an old English placePierce- Medieval form of PeterCarlton – settlement of free man
William- German name,meaning helmetPatton- English name deriving from PatrickCecil- ancient Roman name
Warren- meaning animal enclosureNicholoas- meaning victory for the peopleHenry- estate ruler
Tate – derived from English word TataCharlotte – free personHarrison – son of Harry
Sebastian- vulnerableAnders- norse version of AndrewsHugh: popular among French nobility
Rupert- German form of RobertBernard – brave or bearMiles – Germanic name with uncertain origin
Royce- Medieval name, meaning roseBlain- meaning yellowHamilton- meaning crooked
Rhodes- old English name, meaning cleared landsCamden- place like a valleyFrancois- French form of Frank
Preppy Male Names And Meaning
Preppy Male Names And Meaning

Frat Boy Names And Personalities

Choosing the right name for your baby boy can be difficult as he will carry it all throughout his life.

So it’s very much important that the name matches of the baby match his personality.

So If you are looking for an appropriate Frat Preppy Boy Names for your little one, then we have something really great for you.

Have a look at the table below.

Paudy : write romantic songs to his exWells: obsessed with dogsBen: doesn’t like to talk
Toby: secretly in love with girlsTerence: don’t have remorse in lifeOliver : love to wear polos
Witt: still a virginMatt: loves to play flip cupsJosh: have basketball obsession
Alex: scrawny kidNoah: attractive and charming for every girls.Grayson: shy one
Brady : wanna be Justine BieberLiam: very rich AmericanDevin: obsessed with weight lifting
Tony: Mama’s boyJames: obsessed with his girlfriendJoel : seems to be nicer than he actually is
Abe : have a creepy smileEthan: always trying to please peopleTimothy : sweet guy from high school

Types Of Frat Boys In Every College

Do you ever wonder about how many types of frat boys you will get to see in your college? Although you will meet a lot of new people in your college, here’s are a few types of frat guys that you can find on your campus.

  • The legend: most of the students talk about this guy and about all his crazy deeds. At every college party, this guy would be the common one.
  • The Einstein : This is that one guy who always knows the answer in every class and everyone can count on him to help them with their studies.
  • The meathead: this is the one who loves lifting and hits the gym most of the time.
  • The Jerk: this is the attractive but mean one. He pisses people at every point and by everything he does.
  • The heartbreaker: this one is a handsome and attractive guy. He’s the crush of most of the girls.

Frat Boy Last Name

Most of the parents who are searching for a perfect frat name for their kid also want to choose a perfect last name that matches the first name.

But it should not be any surname but a creative and unique one. So if you are also looking for a frat with the last name then you are absolutely in the right place.

Have a look at the table below. We have enlisted for you some of the Frat Preppy Boy Names. You can choose and use the one you think is perfect.

Kappa Phi MuRossAidenDelta Phi Sigma
Lambda MuWillTonyLambda Mu Eta
Rho Alpha EtaOwenTerencePsi Tau Delta Omicron
Upsilon UpsilonTrevorJamesLambda Eta Psi Kappa
Eta Iota GammaJohnIssacMu Delta
Zeta Chi EpsilonJacksonBenOmicron Iota Phi
Epsilon Alpha UpsilonZayneBertMu Psi Eta Pi
Eta Iota OmegaLandonThadPi Psi Rho
Nu BetaRobToddNu Kappa Epsilon Beta
Alpha Tau NuRichTuckerKappa Omicron Gamma
Sigma Omega Chi OmicronTylerHunterDelta Gamma Nu Sigma
Tau DeltaCarsonKevinPi Omega Omega
Gamma Delta Rho KappaJoshChazKappa Zeta Beta
Phi Gamma IotaLiamKurtRho Gamma
Tau UpsilonWittJustinRho Delta
Theta Phi Pi BetaBradyAaronTheta Tau
Eta Epsilon Lambda AlphaJulianJonGamma Kappa Iota
Upsilon Psi EtaTrentJonTau Pi Gamma Kappa
Sigma Lambda Lambda PsiJoelColinRho Omega
Tau Sigma ThetaDevinBrodiePi Beta
Frat, Preppy Boy Names
Frat Boy Last Name
TonyKevinTheta Kappa Sigma PhiXi Kappa Lambda Omega
DevinTobyMu Nu PiPsi Phi Psi
Delta Sigma PsiBeta XiGamma Upsilon TauBeta Lambda
Phi ChiKappa TauDelta Nu LambdaPsi Delta Eta
Xi Phi EpsilonSigma Lambda ZetaPsi Rho XiTau Eta Delta
Upsilon SigmaChi Lambda Epsilon IotaBeta Chi Psi AlphaOmega Eta Phi
Omega Omicron IotaUpsilon RhoMu Omega RhoZeta Pi Kappa Omicron
Xi Mu Sigma EtaEta Kappa OmicronGamma Chi DeltaEta Theta Nu Gamma
Eta LambdaOmicron Alpha PsiLambda Zeta EtaMu Kappa
Epsilon Upsilon XiPhi Zeta LambdaOmega Sigma Gamma OmicronEta Phi Omicron Omega
Zeta Omicron Phi DeltaAlpha ThetaPsi Kappa PsiOmicron Alpha
Beta Alpha MuTheta EtaTau Tau ThetaIota Tau Kappa
Beta Gamma Chi PsiOmega Kappa ZetaTau Rho MuNu Omicron Pi Lambda
Sigma Xi ZetaZeta GammaPsi Mu LambdaKappa Iota Omicron Chi
Tau RhoEta Pi Theta AlphaMu OmegaUpsilon Eta Alpha
Delta Nu Psi XiPi Gamma Omicron UpsilonMu RhoKappa Mu
Sigma Delta LambdaDelta Rho TauZeta Zeta Gamma MuGamma Zeta Zeta
Omicron Gamma AlphaMattPaulyBow
Iota Rho Zeta AlphaLandonJustinEthan
Epsilon Phi Kappa IotaGarrettJasonLiam

Frat Boy Nickname

Did you ever notice that besides their first names, the frat nicknames are also super cute and adorable?

So most of the parents want to choose a frat nickname for their little bundle of joy. Nicknames are supposed to be cute.

So they want cute nicknames for their adorable babies. Yet the nicknames should be creative and unique.

Sometimes the parents also choose the frat names because it reminds them of their college days and the fraternity.

So, if you are looking for a good frat nickname that sounds preppy and fun, then we have just the perfect list for you.

Eta Psi NuSebastianChadTheta Alpha Gamma
Sigma Psi NuRichardGarrettTau Chi Zeta
Iota PhiNoahDerekRho Psi Beta
Omicron Pi XiCarterDomMu Upsilon Epsilon
Upsilon Pi OmicronTobyGraysonAlpha Nu
Delta Tau Mu NuRyanBrentIota Pi Mu
Phi Rho OmegaWellsTimothySigma Zeta
Kappa DeltaRandyAidanOmicron Chi
Mu Omicron DeltaSpencerAustinOmega Lambda Delta
Pi Kappa KappaLeviBlaneKappa Beta Mu
Theta Psi Eta NuAlexBowUpsilon Psi Sigma
Chi AlphaCodyAndrewGamma Chi Zeta
Epsilon Alpha Upsilon TauBrettOliverUpsilon Tau
Sigma Eta DeltaMattChrisUpsilon Omicron
Kappa Phi EtaPaulyAbeUpsilon Omega Epsilon
Alpha PsiDylanLukeLambda Epsilon Tau
Delta Kappa EpsilonEthanJacobSigma Sigma
Omicron Nu Omega PiSigma Lambda Theta AlphaUpsilon Lambda DeltaOmega Phi Theta Rho
Iota IotaTheta Gamma XiIota Epsilon Delta OmicronAlpha Beta Upsilon Lambda
Upsilon Omicron GammaOmicron Upsilon OmicronAlpha PsiEta Gamma Zeta

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