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Description: Gareth Bale has avoided the question of his future football career. He remains non-committal as his contract with Real Madrid comes to an end in the next year. What is the future of Gareth Bale in football? Kate Richardson explores the future of Gareth Bale and why this question is being avoided by those who may have the answers for now. Real Madrid president was non-committal when in an interview with a Spanish radio he avoided the question on the player’s future now that the 2021/22 season is only two months to kick-off. After a humiliating defeat by Denmark, the Wales national team player did not answer. He refused to answer the question concerning his future in the Wales national team and football career in general.

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For those who may not be aware, Wales was beaten 4-0 by Denmark in the knock-out stage of Euro 2020. Many of those who have bet in best Skrill betting sites among other platforms may have won the bids as Denmark came in as the favorites. Back to the player in our discussion, he was equally disappointed by the defeat; and so were many Wales players and fans as the team started the game well but lost the fire as the game progressed. It was during the side interview that the question about Gareth Bale’s future was posed.

Insensitive question

Gareth simply walked away avoiding the question. The manner in which the question was put perhaps put him off. The side-interview question seemed to assume that his football career is over, especially when considering his age and the fact that Wales will not be participating in Qatar 2022. His coach Page defended him saying that his reaction was justified because they were all disappointed by the humiliating defeat by Denmark. He even referred to the question as insensitive.One question that pops out in this entire scenario is, why can’t we get a straight answer? Is it because the future is uncertain or are there issues that are happening behind the curtain. To get these answers, let’s first explore the journey Gareth Bale has taken to get where he is.Starting at Tottenham and back through a loan.

Born in 1989, then 31 years old Welsh professional footballer is a winger, currently playing for Real Madrid but during the last season, he was on a loan to Tottenham Hotspurs. Bale started his career at the FA Premier League side of Southampton where he was playing left back. He later transferred to Tottenham where he witnessed a transformation into a lethal attack player, leading to Harry Redknapp, the club manager at the time selecting him to be an integral player in the team. He rose to prominence during the 2010-11 Champions League and in 2013 he was named the PFA footballer of the year. The same year, in September, Bale transferred to his current side, Real Madrid for an undisclosed amount, although there were rumors that the shift from to Tottenham was worth between ninety to one hundred million Euros. Later in 2016, the transfer documents leaked and it was confirmed that the amount had set a new record, it was six million Euros shy of the record that had been set by Christiano Ronaldo’s transfer worth ninety-four million Euros.

Real Madrid

His transfer to the Madrid side was worth it, as he proved to be an integral player especially during his first season at the club. He helped Real win the Copa Del Rey in the 2013-14 season as well as the UEFA Champions in the same year where he scored in both tournaments. He was to score in crucial matches in the following years helping his team win more tournaments and becoming one of the strongest sides in Europe at the moment.


Bale is the current captain of the Wales national team. He made his international debut in the senior team in May 2006 where he was the youngest player to represent his nation at that point. To his name, Bale has earned ninety caps as well as scoring 33 international goals. This makes him the highest scorer for the Wales national team. During the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying matches, Bale was the most successful player having scored seven goals. Out of that success, the team qualified and even went to reach the semi-finals in the tournament with Bale scoring three goals. He has featured prominently for his national side during the Euro 2020 tournament. Other successes include being named the player of the year in Wales for a record six times, and in 2016 he was ranked the 12th most famous athlete in the world.

Why is the future uncertain?

In the 2020/2021 season, Bale was to return to his first club in London, where he was on a season-long loan transfer. This transfer was thought to be his shining moment, given that he was coming from a superior side. Many thought that Bale was the player to give Jose Mourinho’s side a big boost as they put a spirited campaign to win the league, a time when the world was battling the worst public health crisis in recent history.These are the events that happened in Hotspurs side:

  • The player found himself out of the starting line-up and in some cases throughout the game.
  • The player was benched for most of the season, however, he managed to score some very crucial goals for the London side including during their final game of the season when they played with Leicester City.

What could have transpired this turn of events? This may be a question for another day as we can only speculate just like we are doing with his future question

2021/22 season

With the 2021/22 season fast approaching, many are wondering whether he will be back at Real Madrid given that it is only a few months to the end of his contract. The club’s president was non-committal when Bale’s future question was thrown to him. He only heaped praises, saying that the player has been very crucial for the team as he has seen them win several matches that propelled the club to greatness. Bale had earlier indicated that he will be making an announcement about his future in the football career after Euro 2020. With the Wales team bowing out of the tournament, the journalist saw a perfect moment to pop out the question. It remains uncertain, will he be back at Real or will he be moving to another club? How much will be the transfer fee given that many clubs see him as expensive for now? We are waiting with bated breath, to see where the player will be playing in the next year and beyond.


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