Glashutte Original Pano: Your Modern Saxon Watch for Men

    Glashutte Original Pano: Your Modern Saxon Watch for Men
    Glashutte Original Pano: Your Modern Saxon Watch for Men

    Glashutte Original is a German brand of a watch with comparable quality to Swiss craftsmanship. For 175 years, it continues to produce elegant and lasting watches. You can choose from five Glashutte Original watch collections. The Senator collection preserved the traditional watch design with high mechanical complexity.

    The most elegant timepieces are those with classic designs. Modern watch for adventurous hearts is in the Spezialist collection. They have the famous SeaQ watch for divers that have adequate waterproofing protection. Inspired by the sixties and seventies lifestyle, Glashutte formed the Vintage watch group. Decades of creative music and architecture are in the Vintage collection. They also have a collection for the Ladies. The celebration of feminine beauty is in its designs. Each one is charming and exquisite. A collection that has a modern and mechanical style is the Glashutte Original Pano collection.

    All about Glashutte Original Watchmaking History

    Glashutte is a town in Saxon, Germany, and is the birthplace of German watchmaking. Glashutte Original watches have been around since 1845. The Glashutte town government invested in watchmaking. Before, the town was in the mining industry. But it was in the 20th century that the German Watch brand earned worldwide recognition. Karl W. Höhnel first used the term Original Glashutte in his watch factory to denote the product’s origin. The Glashutte Original Pano is a combination of modern design and German craftsmanship. It suits a sophisticated man.

    Glashutte Traditional Watch Features

    Glashutte Original watches have well-thought standard features that make them durable and exceptional. They use blued screws, which are created by heating grey steels at 290 degrees Celsius. They are also polished to protect from corrosion. A hand-engraved cock and balanced bridges is in every Glashutte Original watch. A striped finish is also a regular feature of Glashutte Original watch ribbing. All of their watches have three-quarters movement surfaces. Each plate holds all the watch movable parts, which makes it more stable. The swan-neck fine adjustment regulates the watch. Created in 1888 and is mirror polished to ensure high quality.

    Pano Collection Best Sellers

    The Glashutte Original Pano collection has asymmetrical visuals. It has a modern design and elegant watch faces. 

    The PanoLunar Tourbillon. This model has three characteristics, a panorama date, moon phase, and a flying tourbillon. It has the hour and minute display on the upper left side. Below the watch dial is the flying tourbillon. l. The moon phases it at the upper right side and the date below it. The moon phase shows the bright moon and the stars in the night sky.

    The PanoInverse. In 2008 the design was released. It is the first Glashutte Original watch that exposed its inner beauty. Exposed is a part of its interior. This feature is to appreciate the swan-neck fine adjustment, unique in Glashutte Original timepieces. You can tell it is a PanoInverse with its striped design. This collection has dark metal colors. You have two options for the band, the metal stainless steel or the gray alligator leather.

    The PanoMaticInverse. The face of this watch has the same characteristic as the PanoInverse. Its significant difference is that the watch face comes in a more lively color. On the right side, above its exposed interior, is a panorama date. At a glance, you can see the preserved stripes design and the swan-neck adjustment. This model comes in 2 bezel color choices. One has a red gold crown and a brown alligator Nubuck leather strap. The stainless steel crown watch also has two strap colors available—the silver metal stainless steel and the blue leather bracelet, which you can choose.

    The PanoMaticLunar. This model is comparable to the PanoLunar Tourbillon. With the seconds dial replacing the tourbillon, a difference. It maintained the hourly dial, panorama date, and the moon phase in the same spot. This model has the most color to choose from. Silver stainless steel and red gold are the colors for the outer case. Watch face come in 4 colors, deep blue, green, black, and white.

    Final Thoughts

    Glashutte Original embodies their values in every watch they make. They value excellence, modernity, originality, tradition, exclusivity, and beauty. Every watch is of the highest quality. They are carrying high standards of German engineering and have their watchmaking school. They train the young to be the next generation of watchmakers and continue to live up to its name. Creativity is on every watch. Every part of the watch is a combination of precision and artistry. The watch continues to give importance to its tradition. And it will always be the basis of future improvements. Each watch model has only a few hundred pieces manufactured each year. They continue to strive for perfection and beauty in every watch they make. Wear a Glashutte Original Pano to experience their six core values.


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