How To Choose A Name For Your Field Service Business

How- To -Choose- A Name- For- Your -Field- Service- Business
How- To -Choose- A Name- For- Your -Field- Service- Business

There’s no denying what a good name can do for your business. The name is what customers, competitors, and partners will mention whenever referring to your brand. It’s also what makes your firm distinguishable from your competitors. It’s important to go through the process of brainstorming a selection of naming ideas to then pick the one that resonates with your business ideologies the best.

As part of branding your field service business, you might also want to consider adopting management and administrative technologies, such as the scheduling and dispatching software developed by Jobber. It helps with preparing job quotes, tracking time, organizing client information, and generating accurate invoices, among other critical managerial duties. The result is excellent customer experience.

With that in mind, here are six practical tips to guide you when choosing a name:

Make it short and unique

A business name doesn’t have to be long and boring. Bear in mind that most consumers prefer it if a business is named something that’s catchy and easy to remember. This way, they can easily mention your brand to their friends or family without struggling to recall the name. Remember, you’ll also have to include your business name on all job-related documents, like job quotes and invoices. By all means, it should properly fit the header and blend well size-wise with other branding elements like the logo. If you’re a flooring contractor for example and would like to see how it would look on professional documentation, you could download this free flooring invoice template and try out different names until you find one that feels right.

Ensure -it’s- easy- to- read- and -pronounce
Ensure -it’s- easy- to- read- and -pronounce

Ensure it’s easy to read and pronounce

A business name shouldn’t feel like a pronunciation test to your customers. Your customers are there for your products and services mostly to help solve their everyday problems; a mouthful of a name is plain annoying and doesn’t help you sell whatever you’re selling to them.

Your name must be easy to read and pronounce. People shouldn’t feel like they need to look up the name in the dictionary so that they can pronounce it. The fewer the syllables, the better. Two to three syllables should be fine. On the same note, don’t include obscure words, letters, or characters that customers don’t usually include in their regular lingo.

The name should relate to your business description

Be specific about your business name in regard to the service or product you’re offering. Avoid using your real name as a business name, as it doesn’t so much portray professionalism. But if you really want your name to feature in your brand, consider playing around with the initials to generate something unique.

Consider SEO

Digitally speaking, the world is already at an advanced stage. There are already millions of brands worldwide, each with a unique name, with some of them already ranking highly on search engines for the keywords that are also applicable to you. 

For this reason, you should steer clear of names that are already ranking highly if you want to increase traffic to your website. Doing so will take tremendous effort to outshine the initial owner of a business with a similar name.

Check for trademarks 

When crafting a name for your field service business, you must do a name search both online and in local directories to ensure that no other business has a similar name to yours. You may think you’ve crafted the rarest name, only to find out that it already exists. You must have heard of some major companies who’ve run into problems because of using trade-marked names.

To avoid unnecessary legal tussles, take your time and do your research diligently. This stage of the naming procedure is part of a long-term process. Furthermore, if you succeed and get a unique one, make a point of securing copyrights for it so that no one else claims it.

Consider the longevity of your business

Try to avoid choosing names based on trends. Most trends are bound to end after running their course so you risk making your brand look outdated. Your business is something you want to last long into the future, so it should have a timeless name. 

Also, if you’re looking to expand beyond your locality, try to avoid using geographical names as much as possible. This is because you’ll soon outgrow your area of operation and penetrate other markets. At this juncture, you may be forced to change your business’ name again so it’s inclusive of your new targets. 

Test with potential customers 

Finally, try your business name with a few selected audiences of your preference. You can also seek the opinions of your friends, family, or investors to share their thoughts on what they think about the name you’ve picked. Weigh their opinions keenly and tweak the name to an even better one.


Choosing a name for your field service business is a simple procedure, especially if you follow the necessary guidelines. With the perfect name, your business will make it easier for your customers to remember you, which will help increase your sales in the long run.


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