How To Create The Perfect Website For Your Business


    What do all successful businesses have in common? Great leaders? Attentive staff? A product that stands out from the crowd? All three of those features are true to some degree, but they are not the answer you are looking for here. What do they have in common, then? They all have easy-to-navigate and informative websites.

    Thankfully, gone are the days when entrepreneurs needed to enlist the services of a web designer or agency to create their little corner of the internet. Today’s budding business people can have a website up and running in a matter of minutes thanks to easy-to-use and customizable platforms such as WordPress and Wix. Such platforms take the complexity out of creating a website; it is possible to build a vibrant all-encompassing landing page for your business with a few clicks of a mouse. Sure, matters become more complex if you want an e-commerce site or similar, but most companies can create an excellent website with little to no stress.

    Why Build Your Company Website?

    A website is usually the first port of call for a potential customer who wants to learn more about a company, see what products and services they offer, and so on. Think of your website as an information booth where people can see, at a glance, everything about you. Shops and stores clearly display their opening times, content creators have their work displayed, and gaming sites have their bonus rollover betting requirements clearly stated. A website is your first line of communicating with your customers, and having solutions to frequently asked questions takes a lot of pressure off your customer support staff. This gives you more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

    DO Judge a Book By Its Cover

    There is a saying that states you can’t judge a book by its cover. This means that outward appearances are not always a reliable indication of the true character of someone or something. Potential customers will judge your business based on what they see and experience when they visit your website for the first time. Get it wrong, and you almost certainly lose a sale.

    Your website must represent your business and brand. Everything from the tone of voice of the content to the color scheme has to be perfect. For example, you probably do not want a light-hearted tone of voice if you offer financial services. Conversely, you may want to ditch the ultra-formal content if you provide entertainment products.

    The colors you use for your website play a vital role in how someone sees your website. Color psychology is real because specific colors provoke emotional responses in humans. Red, for example, is a bold and attention-seeking color, one that makes people act with a sense of urgency. It represents lust, love, and speed. Have you ever noticed sale stickers in stores are almost always red? It is not a coincidence.

    Black is naturally associated with grief, but also luxury and sophistication. Premium perfumes, jewelry, and luxury cars often have black themes for their website.

    It is undoubtedly worth looking into color psychology before publishing your first website. Your findings may surprise you.

    Speed Is Of The Essense, Mobile Compatibility Too

    We live in a world where we lead busy lives and are constantly on the move. We are impatient and want everything now. How often have you clicked on a website only to abandon the site if it does not load up quickly? Your customers will do the same. Studies show approximately 40% of website visitors leave the site and do not return if the site takes longer than three seconds to load. Each one of those disappearing visitors is a potential lost sale. Can you afford to turn customers away? Always pay for the fastest web-hosting package because it quickly pays for itself.

    Your website’s speed affects how Google ranks it. Everyone wants to be in the first few Google search results, but slow websites rarely achieve this goal. Are you really on Google if you are not on the first page?

    Lastly, continuing with people leading busy lives, it is vitally important to build a website that looks great on mobile devices. We are a generation that always has a tablet or cellphone in our hands. We access content on the go, and more than half of the world’s internet traffic came from mobile phones in 2021. Make sure your website is reactive when it comes to displaying on a mobile-sized screen.


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