How to make a Facebook cover video 2021


    Visuals memories are the most captivating ones. Similarly, video contents are the most engaging and more effective than still images because they involve audio and video clips. On average, over 500 million users watch videos on Facebook every day. These statistics are testimony enough to prove why facebook cover videos are making waves.

    The first impression is the last impression, and when a user visits your Facebook business page, your cover image is the first thing that grabs their attention. Hence, you need to ensure that yours packs a punch if you want people to remember you.

    With the growing competition in every field, social media is becoming a great medium to showcase your business and narrate your brand story. A Facebook cover video can let the magic work for you, which a still image would never be able to do.

    So, before heading towards understanding how to make a Facebook cover video, let us first find out the reason why we should do so.

    Why Use Facebook Cover Video?

    Facebook business pages underwent a makeover with cover videos, creating a richer experience, niche variety, and a more exquisite presentation. Research has proven that 90% of the information that the human brain processes are visual. Hence, Facebook cover videos are extremely attention-grabbing.

    In opposition to a static picture, a video draws more attention as it has a story to tell and a meaningful beginning, middle, and end to it. How engaging moving images are can be proved by knowing that social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined.

    What’s more, Facebook videos keep people hovering over a page for a much longer time in comparison to still images. What works to your businesses’ advantage is that the products and services you display through a Facebook cover video help prospects understand your offering instantly and ultimately boost your sales figures.

    It is quite evident that consumers are more interested in watching a video on a product than reading a lengthy page of information. Seeing how internet traffic is increasing, a Facebook cover video will help you align with the upward trend in video consumption in the years to come.

    What Do You Need to Create Facebook Cover Videos?

    To create a Facebook cover video, you would need:

    • A smartphone with recording capabilities and a laptop
    • You can create your video using your equipment or surf through stock video footage online and choose the one that suits your video needs the most.
    • Once the above has been sorted, you need some royalty-free music to add to your video creation.
    • Last, you would need a good editing tool to trim and synergize all your elements together. You can do this through any editing platform you are comfortable with or pick a free online editing software to do the needful.

    What Size and Specs Should be Used for a Facebook Cover Video 2021?

    Your Facebook cover video should cover be wide enough to fit the cover video specifications. To ensure this, you need to be mindful of the size and specs when creating your video. The following information can guide you through the process smoothly.

    1. Size- The Facebook cover video size should not exceed 1.75 GB. Remember, a smaller file size would enable users with slow internet connections to get a faster video load time.
    2. Dimensions- The cover video dimension for Facebook should be at least 820×312 pixels. However, for optimum results, a video with 820×462 pixels is preferable. This would represent the resolution at which your banner would be showcased on your Facebook page.
    3. Length- The length of the animated Facebook cover video should be anything between 20 and 90 seconds. Any videos which are longer or shorter would not be accepted.
    4. Format- The cover resolution for your video should be at 1080p. This indicates you need to create a full HD video, or animation, in .mov format or mp4. This would enhance the overall look of your page.
    5. Other specifics: Make sure your text is in the center. Also, when uploading a video larger than the recommended size, Facebook would automatically crop your media. Additionally, ensure to drag and drop your image to reposition.

    What’s best about these videos is that even though they start on their own, they remain muted and do not intrude on the visitors to your page. Hence, you need to be doubly sure that even without the sound stream, your video makes sense to the observers.

    How to Upload and Add the Video to Your Page?

    Having learned about all the technicalities so far, it’s time that we get on to the actual process of uploading your own Facebook animated profile picture or banner. Here is a step by step analysis of the same:


    Access your Facebook page through your Facebook Business Manager. On the top left of your Facebook cover, you will find the ‘change cover’ option. Click on that.


    Select the option to upload a video/image. Now, from your files, select your Facebook cover video which you wish to upload.


    To reposition, drag and drop your image, and click on ‘next’ only if you are fully satisfied and happy.


    The last bit is to select ‘publish’, and you are good to go.

    How to Make Your Facebook Cover Video Work for You?

    Whatever be the reason for creating a Facebook video, be it for showcasing your product or to introduce yourself to the world, in any case, it is an advert to your brand. The idea should be to keep it short, crisp, catchy, and clear, which retains in one’s memory for long, and brings your brand to life.

    Remember, no one likes to watch lengthy, repetitive, boring content over and over again, be it a video clipping or audio presentation. So, if you want your Facebook cover video to be liked and shared on a wider audience dimension, you need to be tasteful with what you showcase and how to present it.

    When you are showcasing something fast-moving and energetic, like a car or a vehicle, you need to choose fast-paced imagery, and trance-like music to create the look and feel.

    Similarly, if you want to broadcast a cause and create an emotional pull, you can fall back on saving cute animals, along with some vibrant music and powerful imagery. This would automatically make viewers donate their spare cash for the social cause being hit upon through the video.

    Final Take

    Last but not least, videos and animations work best when creating a Facebook cover video. People relate better to visuals than images, and to develop and crop some eye-catching videos, you can get some assistance from the InVideo portal. After all, what looks appealing is what sells the most.


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