How to Make a Geolocation App in a Nutshell: A Concise, Up-to-Date Guide

Make -a -Geolocation -App -in -a -Nutshell
Make -a -Geolocation -App -in -a -Nutshell

Geolocation apps are gaining popularity as more people use GPS regularly. Today, people use their phones for navigation, social media, dating, and shopping. To start with a geolocation app development, specific tools and steps are involved in the development. Let’s find out how it works!

Tools Needed for Creating a Geolocation-based App

To make a GPS-based app, there are specific tools you need to have at your disposal. These include:

  • A GPS device (or app) can provide the user with accurate location data.

    If your app is going to be used on mobile devices, then this feature must be included in the initial development phase of your project.

  • Google Maps API Key.

    This allows developers access to Google Maps API, which provides all kinds of information related directly or indirectly to maps and location services, such as routes between two points.

Here are Concise Steps to Get You Started With Geolocation App Development

If you want to know how to make a geolocation app, here is a concise guide to getting you started.

Step 1: Collecting Data for Your App

Collecting data is the first step of app development. There are many ways to collect data for your app:

  • Use google analytics or another tool that collects website traffic and user behavior.
  • Send out surveys to users of existing apps or services to fill out a survey about their preferences and needs.
  • Follow users on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, where they share information about themselves (for example, their names).

Step 2: Developing the Architecture of Your App

In this step, you’ll decide on the architecture of your app.

  1. What type of app will it be? The type of app you want to create depends on many factors, including:
  • What features does it need? If your app has many unique features that users want, consider making this an MVP (minimal viable product).

The goal here is not necessarily to build some perfect GPS tracking app in all aspects but to get out enough so that users can try it out and see if they like what they see.

An Android app that uses GPS
An Android app that uses GPS

To make an Android app that uses GPS:

  • Create an Android Studio project named “MyApp” in the same folder where you saved your code files. This will automatically create a settings file called “MyApp Settings” in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.android\settings\.xml and add it as a reference library for your project.
  • You should also have one or more Java files under src/main/java (or other namespaces) that contain, which is where all of your application logic lives; make sure they’re not nested within another directory structure like src/main/.
  • You may need to add the -dex flag when compiling these classes because they are assembled into Dalvik Executable format by default.
  • If so, this step will be skipped until later during the development cycle when you want your app running simultaneously on Android and iOS devices!

Step 3: Integrating GPS into Your App

Once you’ve done geolocation app development, it’s time to integrate GPS into your app. To do this, you’ll need to learn how the process works and how to use it on your phone. Your first step is going through your phone’s settings menu and selecting “Location Services” from there. This will open up a list of all the apps currently accessing location information from GPS (including yours).

Step 4: Testing and Launching Your Geolocation App

  • Test your app on a real device.
  • Test your app on multiple devices.
  • Test your app in different locations, including the home screen, settings screen, and more.
  • Test your app indoors and outdoors, day or night, at home or out of town (or even worldwide!)
  • Try testing with different signal strengths, such as Wi-Fi, and turn off location services if you have one available on your phone (like most phones do).


If you want to learn how to make a geolocation app,  this guide can help you start the process (based on Topflight Apps’ experience). You don’t have to know how to code or design an app from scratch to create one that uses geolocation data. All you need is access to a few tools and knowledge about how GPS works!


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