How to promote Instagram account of the company

How -to- promote -Instagram -account- of- the- company
How -to- promote -Instagram -account- of- the- company

In 2022, all store owners (both online and offline) are trying to promote their brand on Instagram. This is not surprising since on this platform, entrepreneurs can expand the audience of their customers to a huge number.

But still, not everyone knows what is necessary for the successful development of their account in social networks. Today we will tell you about how to make your profile popular if you don’t want to often pay for advertising or buy Instagram followers.


Run contests and giveaways among subscribers. To do this, play a valuable product of your store.For example, if you sell smartphones, then choose a new gadget model as a prize. Be sure to consider the terms of the promotion.

A simple example: to take part in the drawing of a new iPhone, users need to follow your account and tag 2-3 people in the comments. In this way, you will increase the reach of the contest post and you will not need to buy real Instagram followers to be successful.

If you are holding contests, then come up with such conditions so that all users can participate. The easiest way is to enter the contest, users need to post a photo in their account, tag your store and use a special contest hashtag.There is a chance that the contest will go viral and this will increase the organic growth of the audience.

Advertising with bloggers

This method requires a budget investment. The cost of one advertising post depends on the popularity of a blogger: for example, if he has 150,000 active subscribers, then the cost of advertising can start from $200 per post.

If you have a budget, then find 5-6 thematic bloggers and buy ads from them.For example, you can send them your product. The influencer will take a photo of this product and publish a post on their profile with a link to your online store.

Advertising -with- bloggers

If you already have a large enough audience, then you can cooperate with similar accounts by barter. In this case, you pay nothing, but simply make a profit.


Tag the location in your posts, especially if you’ve posted a photo or video of your product.

Geo tagging is a great way to promote regional stores. For example, if you have a clothing store in New York, then users will be able to find it by location, indicating a specific area or city.Also, geo-tagged posts are included in the recommendations and are visible to users who are nearby.


Be sure to post content in Reels format. These are short videos, up to 60 seconds long, just like TikTok.

Videos in this format get high reach as social network algorithms actively promote such content.Shoot short reviews of your products, answer customer questions. For example, you can close the top customer objections through video.Also, make entertaining content: humorous videos or challenges.


Now you know how to promote an Instagram store on your own. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here: just use all the promotion methods that are described in this article. So you will quickly find the first buyers.


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