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My brother, John, was playing D&D along with his friends. So, he was thinking about naming his characters based on mythology and in-game species names. Therefore, he came to me to get some unique, cool, and well-meaning kobold names suggestions. I’ve suggested to him a few names that will exhibit the behavior of the gamer at once: Aggind, Deend, Fogfist, Magnudre, and Ibbad. He liked the name Magnudre most.

Kobold’s name is not like simple random names, these names are filled with deep meaning and will give you a unique identity.

Here are the insights you should know before deciding the best Kobold names.

  • Karn
  • Hiss
  • Snog
  • Hatt
  • Ele
  • Elbe
  • Eli
  • Hoppa
  • Utli
  • Gignu

A Kobold is a reptilian, a fetish found hidden and quiet. Despite being small Kobold is known as a dedicated worker and fierce adversary as well.

If you are willing to choose a Kobold name for an identity whose behavior seems to be quite similar to the named creature, then we assure you to give some very famous and remarkable Kobold names.

Clear your names bucket. Here we Start!

Kobold Name Generator

Reaching a name generator is quite simple if you got the desired keyword your monkey mind looking for. Well, filling up your names bucket with some famous and creative Kobold names is our commitment.

Nothing to unnerve, if you are willing to fill up your options with Kobold names 5e and looking for some 5e names, then surely the below table will help you out with such names too. 

Toss Your Eyes Down On The Table.

  • Sniv
  • Snun
  • Keks
  • Sun
  • Iga
  • Geppe
  • Nahra
  • Gatla
kobold names

Kobold Tribe Names

It’s true that a tribe is invariably known by its name and a tribe name is assigned with a name that clearly emphasizes the tribe’s behavior. 

If your eye now tossing for some unique and well-meaning tribe names, then moving ahead with us will be an effective chore for you. 

Is it really tough to choose a Tribe name? Undoubtedly, Yes, it’s a bit tough to choose a tribe name as it will represent a complete mob of people and their behavior at once.

  • Saggi
  • Ahse
  • Snid
  • Dor
  • Gos
  • Sav
  • Etli
  • Ruhze
kobold names

The main Aim of jotting down the list with some attractive bold Tribe Names to help you out and make your Tribe stand as odd:

Standing waterCrimsonwatchersFirstsistersQuiettooths

Female Kobold Names

You must be aware of the fact that females are dedicated workers too. Assigning Kobold names to females is mostly going from an early age of time.

Kobold names are melodic, softer, and sweet in sound thus, you can use these names to name a female with any such qualities.

Earlier these names were used for many famous female Kobolds and now these names are with a remarkable history.

If you are looking for some good name options then we ensure that you are not leaving back with empty hands. The below boxes if completely filled with some remarkable female Kobold names.

Scan the Table below, Now!

  • Nisu
  • Fatri
  • Vigi
  • Tori
  • Ozkorlu
  • Rirke
  • Heharlu
  • Veelsu
  • Masgoo
  • Uhe
  • Zehorlul

Kobold Clan Names

Thinking to name your clan? Wishing to have a Kobold name for your clan? If this question is exactly the same as your mind me thinking of, then no doubt you are stepping right in this article.

Naming a clan needs a complete overview of the clan members and most importantly, the actual aim of the clan.


Here we have some cool and amazing Kobold clans name for you, that will surely give an amazing and odd name to make your clan unique from the rest.


Indeed, we are pretty sure that your hands are dug into a pail full of Kobold names. Well, moving your hands out holding the best name from the mess would not be easy at all.

To hit the exact name matching your character identity should be the first point heeding in your mind.

As we ensured you while striding into an article your hands would not be found empty. We think we are on our word. You can create many more Kobold name options using a generator with appropriate keywords provided in the table above. Choose Wisely!

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