40+Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Names that mean blue

Light blue has long been associated with a sense of tranquility and tranquility, whereas the bright color blue can be energizing. Names That Mean Blue Colors are extremely symbolic and have numerous lovely meanings, making them an ideal place to begin when naming a child.

There are thousands of shades of blue, and the connotations are limitless, ranging from the ocean’s depths to the depths of space and everything in between.

The only time blue appears in nature is when sunlight strikes the molecules of a creature or plant at an angle (the blue morpho butterfly is a fantastic example). It is also the color of numerous precious jewels and stones, from which many names of precious gemstones can be derived.

Look at our list of baby names that signify blue, full of blue-related terms and synonyms.

Names That Mean Blue

  • Asciano: The name is derived from the Spanish word for cornflower. Of course, it’s blue.
  • Aoki: A name of Japanese origin that can be used for boys or girls, Aoki means “blue tree.”
  • Azraq: This Arabic baby boy’s name means “blue.”
  • Azul: This name is the Spanish word for the color blue.
  • Bisman: Bisman, a name of Indian origin, is a dark blue or black hue.
  • Blue: You need not seek out additional languages or words when you have this adorable name. Blue, made popular by Beyonce and Jay-daughter Z’s Blue Ivy, is a great name for any gender.
  • Blu: Why not use this alternate, shorter form of blue?
  • Bleu: What is the French name for the color blue? It’s more common as a boy’s name, but we believe it’s a stylish take on the name ‘Blue.’

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

See if you can add one or two boys’ names to your list from this option.

Names that mean blue

  • Aouli: In the case of Aouli (Hawaiian origin), many Hawaiian baby names are descriptions of emotions or surroundings. In this instance, Aouli is a depiction of a pure blue sky.
  • Azraq: This name is of Arabic origin and means “blue” in Arabic.
  • Bay: Bay is a Latin word that means “sea inlet.”
  • Caelum: Caelum is a Latin word that means “heavenly.”
  • Celestin: Celestin (Latin origin) derives from Latin ‘Caelestis’, which means ‘of the heavens and celestial.’
  • Chandraneel: Chandraneel (of Indian origin) means “precious blue diamond.”
  • Cielo: Cielo (Italian origin), which means “sky,” is ideal if your favorite color is sky blue.
  • Cyan: Cyan (Origin: Ancient Greek) derives from Ancient Greek (Kyanos). Cyan is the gorgeous color generated in shallow water over sand when the red light is absorbed by the water.
  • Firuzeh: Firuzeh (Iranian origin), meaning “turquoise,” has a vivacious tone for boy names that signify “blue.”
  • Indeevar: Indeevar (Sanskrit origin) means “blue lotus benediction”; it is a masculine version of a blue flower name.
  • Jalaneel: Jalaneel (Indian origin), meaning “sea blue color.”
  • Jay: Due to their stunning blue plumage, these birds are frequently called “blue jays.”

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Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

There are so many lovely girl names that correspond to our blue theme that you are certain to find one you adore.

Names That Mean BLUE

  • Aaliyah: Aaliyah (Hebrew origin), which means “heavens, highborn, and elevated,” is a tribute to the sky.
  • Afina: Afina (Romanian origin) is a charming name for your little girl. It means “blueberry.”
  • Amrin: Amrin is an Arabic name meaning “blue sky.”
  • Anurna: This name is of Aboriginal origin and means “blue water lily.”
  • Aoko: Aoko is a Japanese name that means “blue kid.”
  • Aquanette: Aquanette (Latin origin), derived from the Latin name Acquanetta, sounds like something from a fairy tale.
  • Aqua: Aqua (Latin origin, meaning “water”) is a beautiful greenish-blue color and an incredibly beautiful name.
  • Araceli: Araceli is of Spanish origin and means “sky altar.”

Unisex Names For Blue

The inclusion of one or two gender-neutral names is highly recommended.

  • Aoki: Aoki (Japanese origin), which means “blue tree,” is a surname in Japan, but it also works well as a first or middle name.
  • Aravind: Aravind is a name of Indian origin that means “blue lotus blossom.”
  • Azul: Azul (Spanish origin) is just another word for blue in the Spanish language.
  • Azure: Blue (Latin and French origin), derived from Old French ‘Azur’ Azure, is also a synonym for Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful dark blue metamorphic rock that is thought to be a powerfully healing gemstone.
  • Blue: If blue is your favorite color, why not use it as a given name?
  • Bleu: Bleu (French origin), the French word for blue, would be an excellent middle name for a child with blue eyes.
  • Cerulean: Cerulean (English origin) originated from the Latin word caeruleus, which means “dark blue, blue, or blue-green,” it is an excellent selection among our blue names.
  • Dion: The Greek name Dion means “child of heaven and earth.”
  • Hinto: The Native American name Hinto signifies “blue-haired.”

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Names That Mean Blue Ocean

  • Kai: Kai has multiple origins and significances. What does Kai’s name mean? That depends on which Kai you have in mind.
  • Caspian: One of the most romantic names, as well as the geographical name of the huge salty sea between Asia and Europe, likely led C.S. Lewis to choose it for the hero of his Chronicles of Narnia novel, Prince Caspian.
  • Mira: This name was popularized by the actress Sorvino. Mira and Mira exude an atmosphere of creativity.

Exotic Names That Mean Blue

  • Marlais: Marlais (Welsh origin) is one of the few Welsh names for blue on our list; it is pronounced as if it were “Marley.”
  • Nabhas: This name is of Sanskrit origin and means “celestial.”
  • Neelam: The Neelam Stone, of Indian provenance, is a rare blue sapphire.
  • Nilamegh: This name has Indian origins and means “blue cloud.”
  • Nilaratam: Nilaratam (Indian origin), meaning ‘blue diamond’.
  • Okko: Okko (Japanese origin) means ‘Robin,’ and this bird’s eggs are the most incredible hue of blue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does the name means, blue flower?
    Atasi: Atasi is a Hindu name that means “blue flower.”
  2. What is the Greek name for blue?
    Ancient Greek had two formal words for “blue” that are still used today. Kyanos, from which the English word “cyan” was derived, was a darker blue than glaucous, which was lighter.
  3. What is an exotic name for a blue?
    Firuzeh is a gorgeous and distinctive name that is uncommon among names that signify blue.
  4. What boy’s name means blue?
    Azula is one of the main characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her name translates to “blue fire” in Spanish.

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