Top 50+ Names that Mean Butterfly and its Origin


Not only are butterflies beautiful creatures, but they also symbolize transformation, freedom, power, hope, and human development. Their brief yet intriguing existence reflects the spiritual development and transient aspect of happiness in life.

In many cultures, the butterfly is a symbolic creature that undergoes a metamorphosis from an unappealing and uncomplicated caterpillar to a fascinating winged organism with a wide range of iridescent hues and vibrant patterns, and intricate forms.

The butterfly is also traditionally connected with femininity and romantic love. When naming a kid, parents frequently choose lovely and aesthetically charming names. If you’re having trouble deciding on a name for your infant, this handpicked list of butterfly baby names for both boys and girls will help.

Girl Names That Mean Butterfly

Names that mean butterfly

Typically, names that indicate butterfly or have butterfly-like traits are unique. Here is a list of butterfly baby girl names in multiple languages.

  • Annabella: Annabella (English origin) means “beautiful” and is a popular name derived from the words “grace” and “beauty.”
  • Aponi: Aponi is a Native American name that means “butterfly.”
  • Ava: The Germanic name Ava, which means “bird,” is currently connected with the action film Ava.
  • Beata: Beata, a name of Latin origin that means “blessed,” is linked to the actress Beata Pozniak.
  • Bindi: Bindi is an Australian name that means “butterfly.”
  • Birabiro: Birabiro is of Ethiopian origin and means “butterfly.”
  • Butterfly: Butterfly, an American name meaning “beautiful species,” is an excellent choice for a baby girl. Butterfly McQueen is an American actress who appeared in the iconic film “Gone With the Wind.”
  • Cho/Kocho: Cho/Kocho is of Japanese origin and means “butterfly.”
  • Chouka: Chouka, a Japanese word for “butterfly,” also has a flower meaning in Japanese.
  • Chrysalis: Chrysalis, of Greek origin, means “cacoon” and “golden.”
  • Claudina: Claudina (Latin origin) means “enclosure”. This is also the name of a Venezuelan butterfly species, Nymphalidae.
  • Cressida: Cressida (Greek origin) signifying “golden.” 
  • cynthia: Cynthia is a name that means “moon goddess.” A  common name in American celebrity culture. Also, a species of butterfly.
  • Die: Die is a Chinese word that means “butterfly.”
  • Edith: Edith a name of English origin that means “rich or blessed.” Associated with the French singer Edith Piaf, whose song “La Vie En Rose” is well-known.
  • Farasha: Farasha is an Arabic word that means “butterfly.”

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Boy Names That Mean Butterfly

Names that mean butterfly

  • Adonis: This name, which is of Greek origin and means “beautiful,” belongs to the eternally youthful god.
  • Azur: This name derives from Latin and means “blue color.”
  • Admiral: This name is derived from the Middle English word amiral, which means “commander.”
  • Aglais: Aglais is an exquisitely colorful butterfly. The name is derived from the Latin word “Aglaia,” which is derived from the ancient Greek word for “brilliant” or “bright.”
  • Aideen: The name means “small flames” in Irish.
  • Alexis: Alexis is a Greek name with Roman Catholic origins that means “defender of humanity.”
  • Argus: Argus is a little bluish or brown Eurasian butterfly whose Greek name means “bright.” In Greek mythology, Argus refers to a monster with 100 eyes or a vigilant sentinel.
  • Beata: Beata is a Latin name that means “blessed.”
  • Blues: This English name means “ivy, blue color” and is related to the butterfly’s colors.
  • Chouka: This trendy name means “Butterfly” and refers to the same-named Japanese blossoms.
  • Clodius: This magnificent butterfly is renowned for its ability to soar at great heights. This name’s Latin translation is poetry.

Name That Means Chasing Butterflies

  • Cliff: This English geographical name is a diminutive of Clifford and means ‘cliffside ford.’
  • Constantine: Constantine derives from the old French and Latin “Constantin” and means steadfast or ‘constant.’ It belonged to the first Christian Roman Emperor, the renowned Constantine.
  • Danaus: The name means “one who pushes on horses, charioteer, or rider.” Zeus’s great-grandson is Danaus, according to Greek mythology. It is a sort of butterfly whose wings are adorned with tiger-like stripes.
  • Dorcas: This biblical term is of Greek origin and means “gazelle.”
  • Ekval: This Islamic name of Indian origin signifies “butterfly.”
  • Finn: Finn derives from the Irish name Fionn and means “fair” or “white.” It is a variety of butterflies from the jungle.
  • Flutur: Flutur, widely spoken in Kosovo and Albania, means “going along quickly and lightly.”

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Name That Means Subtle Butterfly

  • Jamides: Jamides is a subspecies of the beautiful Indomalayan butterfly Jamais. Additionally, the name signifies a lover of glades.
  • Jay: In Sanskrit, Jay denotes ‘the holder,’ ‘healer,’ ‘victory,’ and ‘victory. It is also the name of a tropical butterfly with green dots on its wings with a black underside.
  • Kamehameha: This Hawaiian name refers to the Kamehameha butterfly and means “the one set apart.”
  • Lysandros: According to legend, this Greek name signifies “liberator, releasing men” and was a Spartan admiral’s name.
  • Leander: Leander is derived from Latin, American, English, and Greek, and its meaning is ‘lion man.’ 

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Popular Unisex Names That Mean Butterfly

Names that mean butterfly

Many parents want to give their children unisex names. Here is a list of eight gender-neutral baby names that imply butterfly.

  • Azure: The Latin word azure means “bluish color.”
  • Hitomu: The Japanese name Hitomu means “lovely.”
  • Icarus: Icarus is of Greek origin and means “follower.” The name is connected to the Son of Daedalus, who created wings for himself and Icarus to escape prison.
  • Laurel: Laurel (Latin origin, meaning “the bay”), made famous by the American comedy duo Laurel & Hardy.
  • Mantech: Mantech” is an Ethiopian name that means “butterfly.”
  • Pepe: Pepe is a Samoan name that means “butterfly.” The name or word is related to the online meme “Pepe the Frog.”
  • Psyche: The Greek word Psyche means “life or the butterfly.” Psyche refers to a butterfly-associated deity.
  • Vivalter: The Middle German name Vivalter means “butterfly.” The name may be abbreviated as Viva.

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Last Names That Mean Butterfly

  • Lysandros: Lysandros is a Greek name that means “liberator, releasing men.” According to mythology, it was the name of a Spartan admiral and is today linked with the musician Lysandros Falireas.
  • Monarch: The Middle English word monarch means “king.” The monarch butterfly is a butterfly species.
  • Papillon: Papillon is a French word that means “butterfly.” It is popular due to a novel with the same title.
  • Perhonen: Perhonen is a Finnish word that means “butterfly.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of the butterfly baby?
The young (known as nymphs) resemble miniature adults, minus their wings. The transformation of butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, and bees is complete.

2. What should I name a girl butterfly?
Annabella. This English name is derived from the Hebrew Anna, which means “grace,” and the French belle, which means “beautiful.”

3. What are the best names for butterflies?
Ava, Alexandra, and Adelpha.

4. What Japanese girl’s name means butterfly?
Chouka is a Japanese word that means “butterfly.”

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