Top 50+ Names That Mean Dawn For Your Baby

Names That Mean Dawn

Names that mean dawn can be symbolic of rebirth, new beginnings, hope, light, a new chance, and happiness.

They are profound names with deep and prolific meanings. Thus, names that mean dawn are a thoughtful choice for your little bundle of joy and hope.

Dawn is a word that itself can be used as a feminine name. This word is rooted deep in the archaic English origin and it signifies the first ray or appearance of light and daybreak.

Though it can be used as a name, it sounds very basic.

So, I have composed a list of beautiful, snappy, majestic, and attractive names that mean dawn for girls and boys along with non-binary names that mean dawn and are popular around the world.

Let’s choose a profound name among names that mean dawn for your baby who is as full of life as the first ray of light that makes the dark night sky alive.

Names That Mean Dawn

  • Zori- An Arabic name that means ‘golden dawn.’
  • Usha- An Indian feminine name derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘dawn’ or ‘joy.’
  • Arun- Masculine version of Aruni, this name belongs to the Indian origin derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Vasati- Derived from Sanskrit roots this unique Indian feminine name means ‘dawn.’
  • Ahaan- An Arabic masculine name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Aurora- A very popular and beautiful feminine name belonging to the Greek origin that means ‘dawn.’
  • Roxane- A trendy and fun feminine name perhaps having Greek roots and popular in Australia and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Zuka– This short and simple yet elegant Arabic masculine name means ‘dawn’ or ‘sun.’
  • Agon– A Greek masculine name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Prabhat- A Bengali masculine name popular in India and it means ‘dawn.’

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Unique Boys Name That Meaning Dawn 

Names That Mean Dawn

  • Ishaan- A very popular Muslim masculine name derived from Arabic roots and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Lucrecio- A very unique and rare Latin name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Altan- A Turkish masculine name that means ‘ruddy dawn.’
  • Akira- A Telugu name perhaps having Arabic roots and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Vihan- A very popular Indian name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Bihan- This is a Bengali masculine name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Nishant- An Indian name that means ‘early morning’ or ‘dawn.’
  • Mane- An Irish name that means ‘morning’ or ‘dawn.’
  • Zoran- An Arabic masculine name that means ‘one who is of the dawn.’
  • Orion- An Indian mythological masculine name that has profound meanings like ‘dawn’, ‘child of fire’, and ‘light from heaven.’ It is the name of a constellation as well.

Unique Girls Name That Meaning Dawn

  • Zara- An Arabic feminine name that means ‘dawn’ or ‘one who is from heaven.’
  • Ora- An American name derived from English roots that means ‘dawn.’
  • Pratyusha- A Sanskrit feminine name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Eos- Name of the goddess of ‘dawn’ according to Greco-Roman mythology.
  • Nilma- An Indian name that means ‘dawn’ or ‘shade of the sky.’
  • Oda- A beautiful Indian name perhaps having Sanskrit roots and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Arushi- A Bengali name derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘first ray of the sun or ‘the dawn.’
  • Odisha- An Indian feminine name that means ‘new dawn.’
  • Seher- Derived from Arabic roots this feminine name means ‘dawn’ or ‘beautiful.’
  • Daune- A unique English feminine name that means ‘dawn.’

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Unique Gender-Neutral Names That Meaning Dawn

_Names That Mean Dawn

  • Rory- A gender-neutral English name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Alaula- An elegant Hawaiian non-binary name that means ‘dawn light.’
  • Darwin– An English unisex name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Asa- A short and simple unisex name belonging to many origins (Hebrew, Scandinavian and Japanese) and it means ‘dawn’ or ‘early morning.’
  • Dagny- A gender-neutral Scandinavian name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Dawn- The word itself can work as a non-binary name that means ‘early morning’ or ‘daybreak.’
  • Fajar- An Arabic unisex name that sounds eccentric and means ‘dawn.’
  • Akemi- A dawn-inspired Japanese unisex name that means ‘illuminating’ or ‘bright.’
  • Shan- An elegant unisex Indian name derived from Arabic roots and it means ‘dawn’ or ‘reverend.’
  • Sachar- A unisex name belonging to the Hebrew origin that means ‘dawn.’

Popular Names That Mean New Beginning

  • Tan- A cute and snappy Vietnamese name that means ‘new beginning or start’.
  • Sura- This unisex baby name is of American and Gaelic origin and it signifies ‘new life or beginnings.’
  • Answer- This positive name means ‘new beginning’. It is derived from Basque origin.
  • Harmine- A Japanese name used for girls and it means ‘new beginning.’
  • Fajr- Derived from the Arabic origin this feminine name means ‘new morning or beginning.’

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Names That Mean Dawn From Around The World

Names That Mean Dawn

  • Hajnal- A feminine Hungarian name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Ausra- A very unique and rarely used feminine Lithuanian name that means ‘dawn.’
  • Gry- Belonging to many origins (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) this name means ‘dawn.’
  • Taner- This is a Turkish name that is used for boys and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Agim- A masculine name that belongs of Albanian origin and means ‘dawn.’
  • Assam- A Latvian name used for girls and it means ‘dawn.’
  • Alba- A Spanish feminine name perhaps derived from Latin and Germanic roots and means ‘dawn.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Greek name for dawn?

Eos is the Greek goddess of dawn; she is also known as Aurora.

2. What Japanese name means dawn?

Akito is a Japanese name that means ‘dawn.’

3. What are names that mean sunrise?

Uday, Archi, Anshul, Purav, and Rivan are some names that mean sunrise.

4. What girl’s name means twilight?

Sandhya is a feminine Indian name that means ‘twilight’ in Sanskrit.

To Summarize

The birth of a child can be like the dawn of their parent’s life as they are bringers of hope, change, and life. Therefore, we have composed a list of some profound baby names that mean ‘dawn’ for boys, and girls along with unisex names that mean dawn.

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