40+ Unique Baby Names That Mean Fire, For Girls

Names That Mean Fire

This article is all about the names for baby Girls, whom you want to grow up into beings as passionate, pure, and unstoppable as the ever-glowing flames of fire.

The art of naming is illustrative of a lot. For example, creativity, perspective and rationale. So, naturally when one explores the alternatives before naming a child, one definitely, has to be quite thoughtful. And if one comes across a list of unique names while in such unrest, I am sure, he/she would be overjoyed.

Being a little too much in love with the word fire, and the abstractness attached to it, I have compiled authentic and unique names that mean fire. But first, let me introduce you to my obsession with fire.

It’s obviously not the science concerning fire. But it’s the subtle association of fire, with catharsis and transcendence, that it promises, in the profound escapade of playing with it, that most certainly, unnerves your being, and yet in the most beautiful way.

Right, it is not about the fire but the names, so let’s be at it.

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Girl Names That Mean Fire

GIRL Names That Mean Fire

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

Well, I don’t know the potential and power of a name. But I sure do realize, the importance of sound, vibrations, and energy. So who knows, if naming a child after the fire, might turn her into one?

1. Anala– It is a Hindi-originated word that means “fire”.

2. Bridget– Bridget was the name of an Irish goddess of fire.

3. Electra– The Greek word Electra means “fiery sun.”

4. Ember– It is an English word that implies “low burning spark.”

5. Hestia– Hestia was a goddess of the hearth in Roman mythology

6. Kalama– The Hawaiian word Kalama means “flaming torch”

7. Nina-Nina means fire in the language of the Quechua people

8. Pele– Pele was the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes from Polynesian mythology

9. Stella– It is a Latin and Italian origin word which means star

10. Vesta– Vesta is the name of a goddess of the hearth in Roman mythology

Girl Names That Mean Celestial Fire Elements

It was greatly said, “When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it.”

Such is the enticement of the celestial bodies, that burn with an unfaltering fire, that just a timeless glimpse of them, may ignite a sense of eternity.

Then, why not, when looking for a name for a lovely little girl, make these mysterious sources of sparkle, become your source of inspiration?

1.Aprilia – It is an Armenian word that means “rising sun”

2. Eliane – A latin origin word that means “sun”

3. Eilidh – Derived from the ancient Scottish, Elidh refers to “radiant sun”

4. Esfir – Esfir belongs to Persian origin and translates to “star-like”

5. Hester – This is another Persian word that means ‘star-like’

6. Idalia – Idalia is an Italian name that translates to “behold the sun”

7. Mehri – Belonging to the Persian language, Mehri means “sunny”

8. Oriane – Oriane is a French word, whose meaning symbolizes “sunrise”

9. Roksana – It is quite commonly used as a name for girls and it means”star”

10. Rosana – Another Persian word with a beautiful meaning- “star of magnificence”

11. Savita – Savita is a Hindi name, whose meaning is “sun”

12. Solana –  Solana is the Spanish word for “sunny”

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Unisex Names That Mean Fire 

Unisex Names That Mean Fire

“Fire is the voice of a god, speaking in tongues. Fire is the liberator of water, slipping the earthly bonds. Fire is the memory of stone, being released to the heavens. Fire is the mother of the Earth, born of desire. Fire is the illuminator, the protector, the destroyer, and the giver of all life.”

― Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Such a powerful force, fire is. Now, imagine having a little one flying around in your house. Sounds interesting, right? So, check these names for rare and unconventional ideas-


Greek in origin, the gender-neutral name Phoenix means “red” or “fiery.” Following the legend of the legendary bird Phoenix who emerged from the ashes to live again, the name Phoenix represents rebirth and immortality.


It is a name of Spanish origin that means “sun.” It is also a possible pet name for Solomon in Hebrew.


Hayden is a different spelling of the Celtic name Aidan and can be used as a gender-neutral name. Hayden means “fire” in Welsh.


The Turkish name Alev is typically given to females but can be a male name also. It denotes fire. Turkish economist and philosopher Alev Alatli is one famous person with the name Alev.


Aine is a gender-neutral name that has been used in Ireland for centuries. It is spoken as “aan-yaa.” It has Celtic roots and signifies “brightness of fire” and “splendor.” Its root is the fire-related word “aed.”


Cyrus can be used by either gender. It is Persian in origin and holds significant meaning for Iranians. The founder of the Persian empire and mighty Cyrus the Great, he overthrew Babylon in the fifth century B.C. to create his dominion.


Sulien is a Welsh form of the name Julian, although it has also been suggested that it comes from the Welsh words sul, which means “sun,” and geni, which means “birth.” Sulien is also the name of a Celtic solar deity.


Tanwen is pronounced as “Taen-Wehn.” It comes from a Welsh heritage. Tanwen’s definition is “white fire” or “holy fire.”


Uri is a gender-neutral name from Hebrew. Meaning “my light” or “my flame”, this name could be a reminder to the baby of the deeply rooted strength to rely on.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means fire for a girl?

–        Names like Idalia, Kalinda, Nuria, Seraphina, Cinderella, Cyra, Aithne are Girls names that mean fire.

2. What name means Goddess of fire?

–        Hestia, Vesta, Sekhmet, Freya, Brigit, Agni are Goddesses of Fire from different mythologies.

3. What name means flame or fire?

–        Adeen, Blaize, Ember, Kalama, Shula are some names that mean Flame.

4. What girl’s name means fire dragon?

–        Ryoko, Scylla, Tatsuo, are names that mean fire Dragon.

To Summarize

Fire is an intriguing element, that has a lot to offer and take in as well. Going through this list, I am sure, even if you couldn’t come across the word that you were looking for, now you know names that you never thought existed with meanings as deep and beautiful as the idea of fire itself.

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