Top 20 Names That Mean Hope And Faith

Names That Mean Hope And Faith

Babies are themselves symbolic of an awaiting future, new life, hope, and faith so why not choose among names that mean hope and faith, for them?

Are you in despair about what to name your baby girl or boy? Like there are so many names out there, suggestions and possibilities and you have to choose the best.

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all”

How beautifully has Emily Dickinson penned down this verse that somehow expresses what hope is? Hope is deeper than optimism and a mystery too. Isn’t that just like the way babies are?

You would definitely like your child to carry the virtues of hope and faith that are like pure sentiments, pure melody, that can take flight at any moment so one needs to cling to it and the best way is to identify your child with it so that they can carry it throughout their lives.

Names That Mean Hope

There are a lot of possible names that mean hope but we have with thorough research made a list of the best ones. You can pick feminine, masculine, and unisex names for your child in this article.

  • Elpis – This name is of ancient Greek origin that means hope.
  • Pratibha – This is a Hindu name that in Sanskrit means hope
  • Nadine – This is a French name that means hope
  • Astha – It is a Hindu girl name that means faith, hope, or belief.
  • Dylan – It is an Irish name that means “Glimmer of hope”.

 Girls’ Names That Mean Hope

“Blessed are those people who are gifted with a girl child that is a parcel of hope and a bundle of splendor and delight”.

Your baby girl is the epitome of credulity, purity, innocence, hope, and happiness. Given below are names that convene all these sacred virtues in a name that you can choose for your angel.

  • Asha –  Asha is the Hindi word for hope and it is a Hindu name.
  • Nandini –  This is a name of Sanskrit origin that means a daughter that brings hope for delight.
  • Iris – Iris is the name of a flower lilac flower that symbolizes hope.
  • Hope –  is a famous heroine protagonist of the popular series “The Legacies” so if your baby is like a ray of hope for you and your family like Hope was for the Mikaelsons then you can just simply name her Hope.
  • Ramiel – This is the name of an angel that guides the souls who are faithful to heaven and deific visions.
  • Evangeline – It is a name of an angle that is of Greek origin that is “bearer of good news”.
  • Laelynn – It is a Canadian name that means  “Flower of hope”.
  • Vita – It is a name of Latin origin that means “Hope for life”.

 Baby’s Names That Mean Hope

A newborn baby is hope for humanity. The symbolism that they carry is as sanguine as the bluebird, dove, sunflower, sunrise, and the color yellow. The list below contains baby names that mean hope and carry such profound symbolism.

  • Ibha – This is a Marathi name that alludes to hope.
  • Nina – Familiar with the popular central Character of Nina from the Vampire diaries?
  • Tamanna – It is an Indian name for Arabic the origin that signifies hope.
  • Esperanza – It is a Spanish name that insinuates ‘to hope’. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘sperare’.

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  Boys’ Names That Mean Hope   Names That Mean Hope And Faith

Sons are the anchors of their parent’s life. They are a hope for the future, someone you can rely on and so is your boy. Following are some boy names that mean hope.

  • Arman – Arman is a Muslim name used for boys that means hopes and expectations.
  • Amal – This beautiful name is an  Arabic word for Hope.
  • Angshu – It is a name of Indian origin that means hope, chance, and rays of light.
  • Gun-woo – This is a popular Korean name for boys that means hope.
  • Raza – It is an African name that means contentment and one that brings hope to people.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Hope

Gender-neutral baby names that mean hope are an identity of liberty and creativity. These names are insightful and have freedom of expression and choice. We have prepared a list of innovative gender-neutral names that mean hope, just have a look.

  • Awat – It is an Islamic unisex name that means hope.
  • Jonah – This name is of Hebrew origin that means dove which is a white bird that symbolizes peace and hope.
  • Deine – This is a unique name that has its roots in French origin that is gender neutral and it means to hope.
  • Hiwa – This is a Kurdish name that is unisex and simply means hope. The name has other meanings too like beloved,  valuable, and petted.

 Names That Mean Hope And Faith                                                                                         
Names That Mean Hope From Around The World

For a diversified outlook, we have surveyed names that mean hope from around the globe and made a list of them to save you from the hassle.

  • Toivo – This name found its roots in the Finnish origin which means hope. It is a masculine name that is rare.
  • Makas – It is a biblical name that means an end, ending, and growing hope.
  • Kibou – It is a Japanese name that means hope. Though the contextual meaning can range from desire, and wish to expectation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means hope and faith?

Names that signify aspiration, promise, optimism, belief, and reliance, mean hope and faith. Some names that mean hope and faith are Beatrix, Pascale, Laverna, Abril, Haru, Chloe, Emelia, and Helian.

2. What Greek girl name means hope?

Charise is a Greek girl name that means delightful and hopeful.

3. What does the name mean angel of hope?

Ramiel also spelled as Remiel, is known as the angel of hope who has the spirit of healing.

4. What name means flower of hope?

Gladius is a name inspired by the flower Gladiolus which represents solidity, reminiscence, and hope due to its lovely appearance.

To Summarize

Names that mean hope and faith are so winsome and meaningful. There are many names like Dillon and Aaron that mean hope. This article contains a diverse range of names that mean hope and faith along with their symbolism, origin, and etymology.

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