45+ Adorable Names That Mean Light for Baby Girls and Boys

Names that mean light

Bright baby names that indicate light are ideal for a child who brings warmth and brightness into your life. Babies are every parent’s greatest wish. In the darkest of times, when their lives are filled with despair, parents take comfort in their children and maintain optimism for the future.

They convince you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the sun will rise even after the darkest night. This post provides an exhaustive list of baby names with the meaning “light” from which you can choose for your child.

There are a variety of male and girl names that signify “bright” Some mean “bearer of light,” while others mean “bright” and “shining.” Be inspired by the following list of “light” names.

Boy Names That Mean Light

Names that mean light

  • Aberash: It is a unique name whose Amharic meaning is “shedding light” or “shining.”
  • Abha: This unisex name means “brilliance” or “bright” in Sanskrit.
  • Abner: A Hebrew name that translates to “light” or “father of light.”
  • Anwar: This Arabic word carries the meaning “light” or “brighter.”
  • Beacon: This lovely name means “signal light.” This name has ancient English origins.
  • Bhaskara: This name is derived from the Sanskrit words bhasa and kara, which signify “light” and “creator” It is also a synonym for the sun and the Hindu god Shiva.
  • Burusk: The origin of the name Burusk is the Arabic word barq, which means “lightning.”
  • Cahaya: This name derives from Malay and Indonesian, meaning “bright.”
  • Chand: It is a Hindi name that translates straight to “the moon.”
  • Elior: The meaning of this Hebrew name is “God is my Light.”
  • Elnur: Elnur is derived from the Turkish term el, which means “country,” and the Arabic word nur, which means “light.” Its meaning in Azerbaijani is “light of the people.”
  • Elouan: The name is likely derived from a Breton word that means “bright.”

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Girl Names That Mean Light

Names that mean light

  • Adna: Adna means “joy” or “pleasure.” The origin of the name is Israel.
  • Afroze: Afroze is an uncommon name mostly found in Africa. It means “illuminating” or “enlightening.”
  • Akiko: This name originates in Japan. It signifies “bright” and “light.”
  • Alesea: Alesea has its origins in England. It means “filled with brightness.”
  • Alina:  This beautiful girl’s name comes from Sweden and means “graceful light.”
  • Anora: Another wonderful name meaning light is Anora. It is often employed in England.
  • Aura: This unique name originates in Latin America. Aura, which means “glowing light,” is a beautiful and significant name for a baby girl.
  • Aurora: This word describes the Northern lights. The morning goddess is also known as Aurora.
  • Chiara: This lovely Italian name means “bright” or “transparent.”
  • Ciana: This name has Italian origins and also means “bright.”

Names That Mean Sunlight, Starlight, Or Fire

  • Aarush: This Indian baby name means “first rays of the sun.”
  • Anatole: Anatole is a traditional Greek name that means “rising sun.”
  • Blaze: Blaze is a fiery unisex baby name derived from the word ‘fire.’
  • Cyrus: The Latin name Cyrus means “sun.”
  • Egan: Egan is an adorable Irish name that means “little fire” and is a good substitute for Aidan Hayden.
  • Helios: This bright baby name is of Spanish origin.
  • Izar: Izar is a Basque name for boys and girls that means “star.”
  • Kir: A Persian name meaning “sun.”

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Names That Mean ‘Light’ To Brighten Your World
  • Aalok: Aalok is a popular name in India, and its meaning is “divine light.” It is a Sanskrit name with numerous forms, such as Alok.
  • Abner: Abner is a Hebrew name meaning “father of light.” It is mentioned in the Bible, and Abner Doubleday, the inventor of baseball, popularized it.
  • Ambert: Your son is the joy of your life, and because of this, Ambert will fit him properly. It is a German name that means “a brilliant brightness.”
  • Anwar: Anwar is a prominent Arabic name that numerous personalities have popularized. It signifies “brightness.”
  • Arell: Hebrew name on the list that signifies light, Arell is the ideal moniker for your son.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Light

Names that mean light

Unique alliterative names can be given to children of any gender. These names creatively employ alliteration and are suitable for everybody!

  • Addison Ainsley: Addison Ainsley is an English name that means “Daughter of Adam.”
  • Aubrey Alexis: Aubrey Alexis is a French and English name that means “elven ruler.”
  • Ayden Angel: Ayden Angel is an Irish and English name that means “Little and fiery.”
  • Bailey Blake: Bailey Blake is a French name that means “bailiff.”
  • Bass Braylen: Bass Braylen is an English word that means “low.”
  • Bartlett Brentley: Bartlett Brentley is a Hebrew name that means “Furrow.”
  • Cameron Carson: Cameron Carson is an Old English name that means “bent nose.”
  • Dylan Dakota: Welsh, meaning: “Sea.”
  • Evin Edson: Evin Edson is an Irish name that means “Young fighter.”

Biblical Names That Mean Light

  • Abiah: Abiah is a biblical name that can be given to either a boy or a girl. Its meaning, “God is my father,” makes it appealing to Jews and Christians.
  • Amal: This unisex biblical baby name with Arabic origins means “hope” or “aspiration,” a great feeling to instill in your son or daughter. It was an Asherite possession in the Old Testament.
  • Aquila: The biblical name Aquila, of Latin origin and meaning “eagle,” has been more popular as a girl’s name in recent years, perhaps due to its “a” ending, which is more common for female names.
  • Damaris: In the Acts of the Apostles, there is a woman named Damaris. In recent years, it has moved over into a gender-neutral zone, despite being a traditionally feminine name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What name has the meaning light?
    Alna is a Greek name that means “bright.” Aurora is the Latin word for dawn, the initial appearance of light in the morning.

2. What name means, Goddess of light?
Twinkle: It is a name for boys that means “shining with an unstable light.”

3. What names mean bringer of light?
The name Lucas means “light-bringer.”

4. What names mean bright light?
Elin is synonymous with “bright,” “shining light,” and “moon.”

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