40+ Adorable Names That Mean Love For Boys And Girls

Girl names that mean love

Love is a global language that both humans and animals can comprehend. Therefore, if you want your child’s name to honor this affection, we have compiled adorable baby names that mean love for boys and girls from which you can choose.

These names evoke beauty, happiness, and love and may give your child positivity and solace. It brings out the best in us. All forms of love are lovely, whether between parents and children, lovers, friends, pets, or even nature.

They will distinguish your child and encourage them to live a life filled with love. Explore the unique and adorable names to find the perfect moniker for your child.

Girl Names That Mean Love

Girl names that mean love

  • Adelpha: Adelpha is a traditional Greek name. It means “cherished sister.” Your daughter would love this if she had an older sibling.
  • Aiko: The Japanese meaning of the name Aiko is “the little-loved one.” The name would be adorable and ideal for your sweet daughter.
  • Amanda: Amanda means “one who is deserving of affection.” Scholars believe this moniker was created in the 17th century by the British dramatist Colley Cibber.
  • Amara: Amara is an elegant name that means “beautiful forever.” It is of Greek origin and is ideal for your lovely princess.
  • Amee: This name is of Latin origin, meaning “beloved.” It is a name that lends itself well to nicknames.
  • Amorra: This magnificent French name means “love.”
  • Amorette: The French name Amorette means “small love.” Amorette is the sweetest name imaginable, and we mean it.
  • Amour: It is a name of French origin. The girl’s name Amour, which means ‘love,’ is popular.
  • Aroha: Aroha is a feminine name of Mouri origin that means ‘love.’
  • Aphrodite: We all know that Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love. It will be ideal for your lovely angel at home.
  • Asti: This simple name comes from Celtic and Scandinavian roots. It signifies “love.”
  • Brisa: If you are searching for a Spanish name for your doll, Brisa might be an excellent choice. This is a variation of the name Briseis, which was the beloved of Achilles in Homer’s Iliad and Greek mythology.

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Baby Names Mean Love And Happiness

Girl names that mean love

  • Amara: This graceful and regal name has Greek origins and flows easily off the tongue. It means “forever charming.”
  • Aimee: This French name has numerous versions, including Amy, Amie, and Ami. However, regardless of the spelling, they all imply “beloved.”
  • Aphrodite: She is the Greek mythological goddess of love. This is a strong (and highly literary) option.
  • Davina: Davina is the feminine form of the Scottish name David and means “dear” and “friend.”
  • Esme: Esme is of French and Persian origin, meaning “esteemed” and “beloved.” It is also getting more popular because of the Twilight series.

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Boy Names That Mean Love

  • Agapito: This fashionable baby name is of Greek origin and means ‘love.’
  • Agapius: This is one of the unique and intriguing baby boy names that mean love. Agapius has a Latin origin. It signifies “divine love.”
  • Amabilis: This short and charming baby name is a perfect fit for your child, as its meaning is ‘lovable.’ It is a name of Latin origin that is unisex.
  • Amadei: Amadei is a Latin masculine name that means ‘God’s love.’
  • Amadeus: Amadeus is a beautiful theophoric name of Latin origin that means “God of love.”
  • Amantius: It comes from the Latin word amo and means ‘love.’ If you are searching for a unique name, consider this one.

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Girl Names That Mean Love And Strength

  • Mabli: Mabli has the Welsh name meaning “lovable.”
  • Maite: Maite is the Basque word for love.
  • Maitea: Spanish name for the affection
  • Mila: Slavic name means dear; affection
  • Milena: The meaning of the Czech name Milena is affection and kindness.
  • Myrna: Meaning of Myrna in Gaelic: cherished

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Girl Names That Mean Love And Peace

Girl names that mean love

  • Adelpha: Adelpha has Greek origins and means “loving sister.” The special affection that exists between sisters is profound.
  • Ahava: This name has Hebrew origins and means “everlasting friendship” and “love.”
  • Ahuvati: Ahuvati is a Hebrew name meaning “my affection.”
  • Amada: This charming Spanish name means “adorable.”
  • Amala: This Arabic name has multiple potential meanings, including “hope,” “purity,” “bird,” and “beloved.”
  • Amanda: This enduringly popular name means “loveworthy.”
  • Amorette: This adorable French name means “little love.” What a present!
  • Angharad: Angharad is a Welsh name meaning “highly adored.”
  • Avila: This distinctive Old German name means “desired.”
  • Aziza: With Arabic origins, the name Aziza signifies not just “beloved” and “precious” but also “powerful.” What a concoction!
  • Carwen: This Welsh name has two meanings: “loving” and “fortunate.”
  • Darlene: As the pronunciation suggests, Darlene means “sweetheart.”
  • Esha: This affectionate Hindu name signifies “desire.”
  • Filomena: This gorgeous name is also written Philomena and means “companion,”

1. What is a female name that means love?

Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa are among the most popular names for girls with the meaning of love.

2. What name means love and beauty?

Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty and affection.

3. What girl’s name means God’s love?

Abasiama: Meaning “God love” in Ibibo.

4. What does the name mean forever love?

Amara is an elegant name that means “beautiful forever.”

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