22+ Perfect Names that mean lucky (With Meanings)

Names that mean lucky

Everyone wishes for lady luck to smile upon them. Similarly, although parents want their children to be conscientious and sincere in every decision they make, they also want them to be fortunate.

Thus, some parents may like to give their children a name that signifies good fortune. They may do this to shower their children with all the good fortune and prosperity life offers.

If you are seeking baby names derived from the words “luck” or “fortune,” we have collected a list for you.

Girl Names That Mean Lucky

Names that mean lucky

  • Bedisa: Bedisa is derived from the Georgian term ‘bedi,’ which means’ destiny or fate.
  • Dalia: Dalia is the goddess of fate, childbirth, and weaving in the Lithuanian language, and her name implies “fate or luck.” Goddess Dalia was primarily concerned with the distribution of material wealth.
  • Destiny: The plain vocabulary name Destiny, which means “fate or luck,” is derived from the Latin word “destinare,” which means “to determine.” This derives from the verb “to stand,” which is “to stare.”
  • Evangeline: Evangeline, which means “carrier of good news,” is also a synonym for “luck.” In recent years, this whimsical adaptation of the Latin term ‘Evangelium’ has enjoyed a run of good fortune.
  • Fausta: Fausta, an Italian and Hispanic word meaning ‘lucky,’ is now gaining popularity in the United States.
  • Faustina: Faustina, which means “good luck,” is among the rarest names we’ve encountered recently.

Boy Names That Mean Lucky

Names that mean lucky

  • Asher: In recent years, the popularity of the name Asher, which means “lucky,” has increased by more than a hundred positions. The name dates back to 1880 when official records began to be kept.
  • Behrooz: Behrooz is a unique Persian name, meaning “good fortune.” Having a name with such a nice and optimistic connotation, your child is guaranteed to have a prosperous life.
  • Bonaventure: This Latin name, which means “good fortune,” is waning in popularity, but it remains popular in several English-speaking countries.
  • Boniface: Boniface, a  variant of the Latin name Bonifatius that means “lucky or of good fortune,” is an uptight and somewhat stuffy name for today’s children. 
  • Edmund: Edmund, which means “protector of good fortune,” is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names today. Several renowned individuals have borne the sophisticated name, including Edmund Spenser, Edmund Hillary, and others.

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  • Faust: Although we adore the name Faust, some parents may be turned off by its association with the guy who sold his soul to the devil. Faust means fortunate.
  • Fausto: Fausto, the Latin version of Faust, is more common than the original, despite the terrible connotation. This name has a lyrical quality due to its ‘o’ ending. In addition, it has a timeless charm. Fausto means “lucky one.”
  • Felix: Felix is a bright and vibrant name that means “lucky or happy.” It was commonly employed as a Latin cognomen due to its good portent. In addition, it has been worn by dozens of popes, saints, and antipopes.
  • Fortunato: If you want your child to feel fortunate, consider naming him Fortunato, which means ‘fortune’ in Spanish. We feel most parents have forgotten this name, but when reminded, we do not believe it isn’t easy to accept.

Names That Mean Lucky Or Miracle

Names that mean lucky

  • Kader: The Turkish name Kader, which means ‘fate’ or ‘destiny,’ is not restricted to religious individuals.
  • Karma: Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word karm, which means “activity, fate, or deed.” It is mostly a Hindu or Buddhist belief that the acts of this life will carry over into the next.
  • Kismet: The Turkish name Kismet, which means ‘destiny,’ is derived from an Arabic term with the same meaning. According to contemporary standards, the name has fallen out of favor and is no longer widely employed.
  • Lucky: Cedric, the Entertainer’s daughter, has the name Lucky. Therefore you may also consider it for your kid.

Names That Mean Lucky To Be Alive 

  • Madoc: Madoc, also called Madog, is a Welsh name that means “lucky.” It is named after Madog ap Owain Gwynedd, widely regarded as the first European to find North America in 1155. You may also choose Maddox, a more common and potent variant.
  • Merrit: This unisex Latin name, “worthy of good fortune,” is equally popular among both sexes yet sounds masculine.
  • Parvaiz: Parvaiz is an antique and elegant name with enduring appeal. A true original in every aspect. This Persian name, “fortunate or pleasant,” is certain to stick out in the classrooms of Europe or the United States.

Name That Means Lucky Charm

  • Veasna: A name that dates back centuries, Veasna is a classic on our list. And if its past endurance and tenacity are any indication, we can anticipate Veasna’s victorious return to the radar shortly. Veasna signifies “opportunity or good fortune” in Khmer.
  • Venturi: Venturi is a surname, but it is also sometimes used as a first name, albeit sparingly, making it an original choice today. As a name, we find Venturi to be eccentric, endearing, and a little cool. Venturi means ‘fortune’.
  • Venturo: Venturo, the posher variant of the term Venturi, brimming with Spanish flair and zest. Venturo, “lucky,” sounds robust, energetic, and welcoming. It is only a matter of time before non-Hispanic parents seize control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the luckiest name ever?
 Iris, the number one lucky name, was the rainbows goddess in Greek mythology.

2. What are the luckiest names?
Asher is the Hebrew name for happiness.

3. What name means lucky in French?
The French pronunciation of Prosper means “fortunate,” which is PRO-spare. Prosper is a rather common name in France.

4. What is the luckiest name for a girl?
Iris means “rainbow” and represents good fortune.

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