55+ Names That Mean Night As The Evening Sky

Names that mean night

Night names and day names are as dissimilar as, well, night and day. Morning and evening names are sunny and bright, including names that indicate sun, light, or dazzling, but nighttime names convey an air of subtle mystery.

What is the definition of night names? Some names mean night or are born at night. There are astral names that mean star or are associated with the starry night sky, names that imply moon, and legendary names associated with any of those mentioned above.

If you recently had a baby born at night, or if you enjoy the night, browse our list of the most popular male and girl names associated with the night.

Girl Names That Mean Night

Names that mean night

  • Lambo: This African name, Ajambo (Luo), means “born at night.”
  • Amaya: The meaning of the Japanese name Amaya is “night rain.”
  • Ankara: An attractive name that means “night star.”
  • Annika: In Finnish mythology, Annika is the name of the goddess of darkness.
  • Asra: Asra is an Arabic name that means “travels at night.” It may also be written as Isra.
  • Bibigul: This word means “nightingale”.
  • Chausiku: Chausiku is a Swahili name that means “born at night.”
  • Cynthia:  Another name for the Greek moon goddess Artemis.
  • Danica: Danica is a Slavic name meaning “dawn star.”
  • Estelle: This translation of Stella into French means “star.”
  • Esther:  Esther is an ancient Hebrew name that means “star.”
  • Hesper: This star name is more particular; it means “evening star.”
  • Ilta: This Finnish name is Ilta, which means “night.”

Boy Names That Mean Night

Here are some of our favorite male names whose meanings include night, darkness, and other nocturnal concepts.

  • Aibek: Aibek is a Turkish name for boys that means “moon master.”
  • Budde: Budde (Ganda) is an African name that means “night.”
  • Chandra: In Hindu mythology, the name of a moon god.
  • Ciaran: This name, “dark,” can refer to the night or a person with dark hair.
  • Darcel: Darcel is a French name with the meaning “dark.”
  • Gau: This brief Basque name means “night.”
  • Izar: Another name derived from the Basque language, Izar, means “star.”
  • Ziemba: This name means “laughing star” in Wiradjuri, a local name for Venus.
  •  Luan: This is an original Portuguese name that means “moon”; however, it is an anagram of the feminine name Luna, which also means “moon.” It has multiple connotations in other languages as well.

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Unisex Names Meaning Night

Not all names that indicate night must be given to boys or girls. In recent years, there has been a movement for gender-neutral baby names, and these names with night-related meanings are suitable for both boys and girls.

Names that mean night

  • Arrats: A unisex name meaning “dusk.”
  • Blake: This name means “dark,” which could refer to nighttime or their hair color.
  • Hunapo: This Polynesian name is used for boys and females and means “hidden darkness.”
  • Indigo: This English name refers to the night sky’s dark, inky blue color.
  • Nadir: The sun’s nadir, or lowest point, is also called solar midnight.
  • Nox (Latin): A short name that means “night” and is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Samar: This name is of Arabic origin and means “evening chat.”
  • Vesper: Despite being commonly linked with females due to the James Bond persona, this Latin name meaning “evening” has historically been used for both boys and girls.

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Names That Mean Night And Day
  • Nishant: This name is derived from the Sanskrit language, meaning “end of darkness.”
  • Orion (Greek): Despite its original meaning of “mountain inhabitant,” it is commonly connected with Orion’s constellation, which belonged to a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Orpheus: Orpheus means “night’s gloom.” A renowned figure in Greek mythology.
  • Otieno: The African name Otieno (Luo) means “born at night.”
  • Ponui: This Polynesian name means “the great night” in Tahitian.
  •  Rajnish: This is the Hindi name for the moon, which means “Lord of the night.”

Non-Binary Names That Mean Night

  • Asher: This Hebrew name, Asher, means blessed or pleasant.
  • Ashton: This American unisex name means “village of ash trees.”
  • Aspen: Aspen is an American tree whose name implies a quaking tree.
  • Avery: This French name means “king of elves.”
  • Bai: Bai is a Chinese name that means “purity.”
  • Bao: Bao is the Vietnamese word for treasure.
  • Beck: Beck is a Germanic name that means stream or brook.
  • Caelan: This Gaelic name, Caelan, means immortal warrior.
  • Carlin: This Gaelic name, Carlin, means “little champion.”
  • Cass: This Persian name implies treasurer or intelligent.
  • Dale: The Old English name Dale means valley.
  • Dakota: Dakota is a Sioux name that means ally or companion.
  • Delaney: This Irish name, Delaney, signifies “dark challenger.”

More Names For Babies Born At Night 

Names that mean night

  • Dipanwita: This name is Indian. It means “vivacious night.”
  • Hoshi: This is a Japanese name that translates to “star.”
  • Altair: This Arabic given name means “brightest star.”
  • Aquila: This is a Latin name that means “eagle.”
  • Belma: Belma is a German name that means “full moon night.”
  • Carey: This is an Irish name that means “darkness.”
  • Coakley: This is an ancient English name that means “black meadow.”
  • Corvina: This is a Latin name that translates to “dark-haired.”
  • Dargan: This name is of Irish origin and means “dark-haired.”
  • Indukanta: This is a Native American name that means “night.”
  • Jasmine: This is an Indian given name that means “night.”
  • Jewish: This name has its roots in Sanskrit. It translates to “queen of midnight, gloom.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do names mean by midnight?
Amaya means ‘rain at night’ is a girl’s name. …

2. What names mean night or dark?
Nyx: This name has Greek origins and means “night.”

3. What does the name mean, darkness?
Nisha. This name is of Indian origin and signifies night or darkness. It is one of the few unique names that denote obscurity.

4. What names mean moon or night?
Apollo. Yes, this name references the gorgeous son of Zeus, but it also honors the NASA program that landed the first humans on the moon.

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