50+ Names That Mean Peace for Boys And Girls


There are baby names that imply peace in every culture, so if you’re looking for a name that evokes tranquillity, you’re likely to find one that’s right for your child. Here are a few of our top picks.

Baby Names That Mean Peace

Names That Mean Peace

  • Milo: Milo is generally regarded as a Germanic name originating from the Latin word miles, which means “soldier.”
  • Callum: Callum is derived from the Latin name Columba, which means early Christians favored the “dove” Callum because the dove represented holiness, peace, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Aarav: Aarav derives from the Sanskrit root “Rav,” which is associated with music and calm. Aarav is also connected to the notion of wisdom.
  • Mira: Mira is a cross-cultural name, with the literal meaning of “look” in Spanish, a calm meaning in numerous Eastern European languages, a queen-like or female ruler connotation in Arabic cultures, and a nature name in Sanskrit.
  • Winifred: One of the few surviving unrestored vintage jewels, featuring the girlish Winnie, the tomboyish Freddie, and the slightly stretched Freda.

Baby Boy Name That Means Peace

Names That Mean Peace

  • Aaru: A beautiful, short name with Egyptian origins. It is a location in ancient Egypt that was paradisiacal heaven during the reign of Osiris.
  • Absalom: This name’s origins are Jewish. It means “peace is my father.” Absalom is the son of King David in the Old Testament, who avenges his sister’s rapist by killing him.
  • Axel: Another Baby Boy Name Meaning Peace is Axel. This name is derived from Absalom, the son of King David, and means “father of peace.”
  • Baris: This has Turkish roots. It signifies “calm” or “peace.” It can be used if you are looking for an exotic name with a lovely sound that conveys tranquility.
  • Bohumil: This item has Czech roots. This distinctive name is derived from the Slavic words Bogu, which means “God,” and more, which means “peace.”
  • Benjiro: It is a Japanese word that means “enjoy peace.” The baby’s name suggests he will become a man who enjoys and encourages peace.
  • Callum: Callum is a beautiful biblical name for boys that symbolizes peace. It is derived from the Latin word Columba, which means peace-bearing dove.
  • Casimir: Casimir means “peace proclamation” It has Polish or Slavic roots. This unique name with an ancient accent portrays a bold, adventurous character.
  • Clement: This is a masculine form of the feminine name Clementine,

Girl Name That Means Peace

Names That Mean Peace

  • Alanna: Alanna is a Gaelic name that means “calmness.”
  • Amity: Amity has two additional beautiful meanings: “harmony” and “friendship.”
  • Clementine or Clemency: An old-fashioned name that means “merciful” or “gentle.”
  • Evania:  Evania is a Greek name meaning “peace” that is very common in Spain.
  • Fen: A short and powerful peace name derived from old English and Dutch.
  • Freda:  It is a German and Scandinavian name meaning “calm.” And who better to name your daughter than the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo?
  • Frederica: Frederica and Frederique are the feminine versions of Frederick, which means “calm ruler.”
  • Harmony: Harmony is both “calm” and “musical.”

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The name Means Peace And Love.

Names That Mean Peace

  • Amandeep: This is a Sanskrit name that means “light of peace” or “clear-minded.” This is a common name within the Punjabi community and beyond.
  • Amity: Amity is another name for girls that means peace. This great name is of Latin origin and means ‘friendliness, harmony,’ conveying the idea of a pleasant person.
  • Aquene: This is an indigenous American name that means “peace.” Consider this tranquil option if you’re searching for a unique name for your adorable baby girl.
  • Arcadia: It derives from Greek and refers to a paradisaical Eden. It signifies a “place that offers contentment and peace.” It implies that the girl will bring peace and prosperity to the world.
  • Businge: This is a lovely East African name that means “peace” in the African language Rukiga. This traditional African name is also given to infant boys.
  • Cato: It is a substitute for Catherine and can be used for boys. This lovely, short name, whose meaning is ‘intelligent, knowledgeable, all-knowing,’ has universal appeal.

Girls’ Names That Mean Love

Names That Mean Peace

  • Adelpha: Adelpha is the Greek word for a cherished sister
  • Aiko: Aiko is the Japanese name for a cherished child.
  • Amanda: Amanda means cherished in Spanish.
  • Amadea: Amadea means the beloved of God in Latin.
  • Amala: Meaning of Amala in Arabic: cherished; bird
  • Amia: The French name Amia means deeply cherished or beloved.

Boys’ Names That Mean Love

Names That Mean Peace

  • Amadeus: Amadeus means ‘lover of God’ in Latin.
  • Amado: Meaning of Amado Spanish term for loved
  • Amato: Amato means passionately loved in Italian.
  • Amatus: The Roman name Amatus means adored.
  • Amias: The meaning of the name Amias in Latin
  • Amor: Amor is the Spanish word meaning love
  • Aziz: Aziz means powerful, revered, and cherished in Arabic.

The Name Means Calm And Peaceful.

Here are some names that mean calm and peaceful:

Calm And Peaceful Names For Girls:

  • Axl: The origins of the name Axl are Hebrew and Scandinavian. According to legend, it is derived from the Hebrew name Absalom, which means “man of peace” or “father of peace.”
  • Callum: This name derives from the Latin word for “dove” or “white dove,” a universal emblem of peace. Callum is a popular name in Scotland, where it signifies “of Saint Columba,” which in Gaelic means “dove.”
  • Levi: In Hebrew, Levi means “united in harmony.” Levi is the third son of Jacob in the Bible. Matthew’s name was also “Levi” before he became Jesus’ apostle.
  • Luam: Luam implies “quiet” and “calm.” This distinctive African name is considered gender-neutral.
  • Serenity: Serenity is a “calm mood.” The name Serenity, derived from the Latin word serious, which means “calm clarity,” is sometimes considered an American invention and is sometimes associated with other new-school virtue names.
  • Galen: Galene means “calm” or “one who is unruffled and tranquil.” Derived from the Greek word galena, it is frequently considered a feminine form of Galen.
  • Winifred: Winifred means “peaceful buddy” or “friend of peace.” This ancient name has Teutonic, English, and Welsh roots.
  • Aquene: The Native American term Aquene, Ah-keen-ah, means “peace.” According to my sources, it is a female name used by the Algonquin tribe. This name is presently ranked #20,495 in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the name that means peace bringer?
Casimir is a Polish name that means “peace-bringer.” Colm is an Irish name that means “dove,” the traditional symbol of peace.

2. What name means calm and peaceful?
Serenity is a “calm mood.” The name Serenity, derived from the Latin word serious, which means “calm clarity,” is sometimes considered an American invention and is sometimes associated with other new-school Names That Mean Peace.

3. What name means symbol of peace?
Solomon comes from the Hebrew word shalom, meaning “peace” or “peaceable.” A biblical name, King Solomon was a wealthy and clever Israelite monarch.

To Summarize

Peace is the most crucial thing a person needs to have a happy life. A baby name meaning “peace” might evoke feelings of tranquility and harmony among individuals. Peace-related baby names can be tranquil and bring a smile when you hear or use them.

You may choose a baby boy and baby girl names that signify peace from many origins, beginning with the appropriate alphabet. This may create a favorable impression in the minds of those who see or hear your child’s name.



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