Creative & Cool Names That Mean Rain

Names That Mean Rain

Similar to how rain purifies physical objects, rain also represents internal purification and therefore paves a pathway for inner growth in the cycle of life,names that mean rain with a meaningful origin is the parent’s next major accomplishment after the baby is born.

The hardest part of naming a child is narrowing down the many options. It is crucial to keep in mind that the child will bear the name for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it must be carefully considered and compelling before being decided upon.

So, with this list let us assist you in choosing a name for your child that is related to rain.

Girl Names That Mean Rain

Rain is calming, revitalising, and nourishing. Use the name of your daughter to evoke similar feelings. Each of these female names that indicate rain is attractive and mysterious!

Barkha. This name, which has Hindu roots, simply means “rain.”

Dima. This name’s Arabic meaning is “torrential rain,” and it refers to a follower of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest.

Indira. Indira’s Sanskrit roots translate to “possessing raindrops.”

Huyana. This name, which has Miwok roots, means “falling rain.”

Jora. “Fall rain”

Lluvia. This one means “rains” and has Spanish ancestry.

Mehula. Mehula, which has Sanskrit roots, means “rain.”

Noelani. The meaning of this name, “mist of heaven,” is quite poetic and has Hawaiian roots.

Reva. Reva, which translates to “rain,” refers to the Narmada River in India.

Talia. Talia means “by the river” and “soft dew from heaven” in Hebrew.

Varsha. The lovely simplicity of “rain” is another element of this Hindu name.

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Names That Mean Rain Or Storm

Names That Mean Rain Or Storm

There is something about the rain that speaks to us in ways that no other element of nature does. You feel as light as the drops of water and as heavy as the sound of thunder. You feel as alive as the sight of rain and yet as lost in the maze of life, as the droplets headed towards the earth. The intensity of rain is an experience in itself, and thus names inspired by it are bound to be magical.

  • Adhira. The meaning of this potent Hindu name is “lightning.”
  • Barak. This name’s Hebrew etymology gives it the meaning “lightning.”
  • Damini. Sanskrit orgin name meaning “Lightning”
  • Ekaitza. This is a Basque name that means “storm.”
  • Perun. This name’s origins are Slavic, and it means “thunder.”
  • Styrmir. “One that brings on storms”
  • Thor. He is the god of thunder and lightning who wields a hammer.
  • Zryan. Storm is another meaning of this Arabic name.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Rain

The weather has an impact on emotional states. You can honour the various hues of nature by naming your child anything related to the weather, such as wind, rain, or monsoon. A list of names that would be ideal for your child is provided below.

  • Indra. Indra is a name that has Sanskrit roots and means “possessing raindrops.”
  • Kalani. The meaning of this beautiful Hawaiian name is “sky” or “of the heavens.”
  • Marka. Marka, a language with West African roots, means “soft rain.”
  • Sky. And all of the drops originate from this name. A common modification ends with a “e.”
  • Tal. Tal is a name that has Hebrew roots and means “rain” or “dew.”
  • Jorah. Meanings for this lovely Hebrew name include “beginning rain” and “autumn rain.”

Boy Name That Means Rain

Rejuvenation and rebirth are brought on by rain. You might just find the ideal fit among these rain names, whether your baby was born during a downpour or you simply know they came are born out of a cloud.

  •  Anan. Anan is a name of Arabic and Hebrew roots that means “cloud” or “vapour.”
  •  Brishen. This name translates to “Grown amid a downpour”
  •  Freyr. Lord is referred to by this term in old Norse. He was the sun, rain, and fertility god.
  •  Iravat. Iravat, which derives from Hindi, meaning “rain clouds.”
  •  Lokni. The Miwok origin of the name Lokni is “rain coming through the ceiling.”
  •  Moe. Moe is a name with Burmese roots that means “sky,” “shower,” and “heaven.”
  •  Niall. The meanings of this name range from “cloud” to “champion” to “passionate.”
  •  Regen. Regen’s Hebrew roots translate to “rain.” Due to its Germanic roots, it also has other connotations like “advice” and “counsel.”
  •  Zenebe. This common Ethiopian name, which is Amharic for “raining,” Vrishti. This adorable Bengali name also means “rain.”

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Names That Mean Falling Rain

Names That Mean Falling Rain

Parents may be looking for some good baby names that indicate rain because many people find a good rainfall to be a calming experience. Since so many people adore nature and want to celebrate it in their child’s name, nature names have long been favoured. Browse this list of names that imply rain to find the ideal one for your newborn!

  • Corentine–  This name, which means storm or tempest, is gradually gaining popularity these days.
  • Neha– This name means “rain.”
  • Dalfon–  A distinctive Hebrew name meaning “raindrop” Amaya a lovely name that in Arabic means “rain” for your daughter.
  • Vrushti–  Another wonderful Indian name that means “heavy rain” for your princess
  • Sraboni – It also denotes “shower.”
  • Varshini– This unusual name refers to the “Goddess of Rain.”
  • Salil- a lovely Indian name meaning “water”
  • Rehaam– This charming name signifies “rain” that is mild or soft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name means rain?

Amaya, Ame, Baran, Huyana are some names that mean rain.

2. What Greek name means rain?

Zeus, Talia, Hyas are some Greek origin names that mean rain.

3. What are some watery names?

Kai, Beckett, Brooks,Bay, Nile, are some watery names.

4. What name means dark rain?

Amaya is a name which means dark rain.

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