Names That Mean Red or Redhead

Names That Mean Red or Redhead

Whether your child is born with beautiful flaming auburn locks or is a fiery little ruddy angel, you would want to name them ‘Red’, There is a wide spectrum of names that mean red or redhead among which I have composed a list of the best.

Red is the first basic color added after black and white and it found its origin in the Sanskrit word ‘rudhira’ and Germanic word ‘rauthaz’.

The color red carries the most profound and pronounced symbolism as it is associated with life and death and also refers to the priestly, solemn, and sacred sphere.

Names That Mean Red

Names That Mean Red

Names that mean red are associated with the element of fire, the zodiac Leo, the planet Mars, the poetic flower rose, love and war, a gemstone, joviality, cheerfulness, and so much symbolism. It is an intense color that shades the canvas of life and to associate it with your identity is so profound.

  • Ruby- It is a female name that you can choose to adorn your precious baby with. It means “a red bird of paradise” or “a deep red hue”.
  • Omiara- Coming from Arabic origin, Omiara is a feminine name that has a deep-rooted meaning. It is an exotic name that means “long life” and “red”.
  • Anne- Familiar with the fiery, witty and headstrong Anne from ‘Anne with an E’? You can choose this name for your child as she is also a piece of art.
  • Akari- It is a gender-neutral name used in the US and also a popular name in Japan used as a feminine one. It means “light” and “vermillion”, which is a beautiful shade of red.
  • Crimson– It is a female name popularly used in America and it means “deep, slightly bluish red”
  • Rory- A unisex Anglicized name of Irish origin that is derived from the word “roads” which signifies “red” or “red king”. It is a variant of the name “Ruaidhri” which also means “red king”.
  • Jasper- It is a biblical name of Persian origin and a variant of the name “Casper”. It is a sandy red stone that is popularly known as the “supreme nurturer”.
  • Carmine– Derived from an Aramaic word this beautiful name means “crimson” which is a shade of red and it is a boy name that also means “song”.

Girl Names That Mean Red

Did you know that Eve, the mother of mankind, is believed to be born with red hair? Throughout history, there are fiercest redheads from Lilith, Athena, Aphrodite, and Cleopatra to modern-day beauties like Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone.

There is something about redheads that is fascinating because “as for those vast swathes of flowing red hair so beloved by the Pre-Raphaelites”.

Redheads have quite a reputation and your girl will stand out in the crowds because one can never miss a redhead. And when you choose a name that means red or redhead it would add the cherry on top.

  • Pyrrha– If you want to give a fascinating name to your little girl who is a dangerous beauty like that of fire and flattering gales then this is the name for her. It means “the color of fire”, “fiery red” or simply “red”.
  • Zinnia- A name inspired by a fiery red flower. Your daughter is like the symbolic beauty painted in red by this mesmerizing flower.
  • Scarlett- It is a lively and energetic modern girl name of French origin that means “red”. It is a perfect name for your little one who is gentle and graceful.
  • Sienna- It is such a delightful name for your bundle of happiness who will bring all the warmth of life with her. It means “iron-rich red”.
  • Vermilya- Inspired by the name of a shade of red. You can choose this name for your girl if you think she is courageous, passionate, and jovial.

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Boy Names That Mean Red

BOY Names That Mean Red

A boy in red turns heads everywhere he goes. Something about the color is so charming, isn’t it? It lures your attention and so will his name because it means red.

There is a wide range of masculine names that mean red or redhead. The father of mankind, Adam, name means “son of the red earth”. So, since the origin started with red then why not carry it forward?

  • Lohit- It is a unique Hindu boy name that means “red”.
  • Raktim– It is a name with a mystical vibe and it means “bright red”.
  • Humair– It is a masculine Muslim name that means “the red”. In Islam, it has many other meanings along with red.
  • Uprag– A boy’s name of Indian origin that means the color red. It is popular among Hindu people.

Red Names For Twins

Looking for rhyming twin names that mean red? Just imagine two little fiery bundles of light and cheerfulness. Choosing twin names that do not complement each other is a legit crime.

Twins share deep connectivity with each other and to associate it with their names is a thoughtful thing to do because one completes the other. Listed below are some cute rhyming twin names that mean red.

  •  Hem (red) and Hema (golden red)
  •  Lohini (red-skinned) and Lohit (deep red)
  •  Ratanjali and Ranjika (red sandalwood)
  •  Rose and Rosie (red flower)
  •  Sohaib and Sohrab (red)

Unisex Names That Mean Red

Often people like to not reveal the gender of their babies just for the sake of suspense or rather the fact that it does not matter whether he or she or they are because they will be loved no matter what.

But that makes the task of choosing a name ardent because what to choose? Masculine or feminine? Well, let me save you from the fuss as there are names that mean red or redhead and combine both the attributes and are gender neutral, so much in just one name.

  •  Autumn- It is a deeply symbolic name that is associated with the color red. Autumn is so beautiful because it is covered in the hues of red. It is a poetic gender-neutral name that you can choose for your baby.
  •  Poppy- It is a unisex name that means “red flower”. It is a snappy and catchy name.
  • Clancy- It is a powerful Irish name that comes from Gaelic Mac Fhlannchadha that signifies “red warrior” or “son of red”.
  • Rowan- Coming from Irish and English origin, it is a gender-neutral name that means “red hair”.
  • Flynn– A simple and attractive name that means “ruddy”. It is an Irish name.
  • Corsen- It is a Welsh name that means “red” or “reed’.

Looking for red names that work as a pair?

  •  Jasper and Casper
  •  Reed and Redmond
  •  Titan and Phoenix
  •  Rufus and Radcliff
  •  Sorrell and Sienn

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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is a good name for something red?

Falguni is a great name for something that is red.

2. What Japanese names mean red?

Akari, Akane, Akemi, Akako are some pretty Japanese names that mean red.

3. What name means blood red?

The Hebrew name “Adame” means bloody red.

4. What name means red flower?

Poppy is a red flower and it can also be used as a unisex name.

To Summarize

The blood that flows like life within our veins is red. So, what names can be fuller of life than those that mean red?  With all my efforts I have passionately (symbolized by the color red itself) composed a list of boys’, girls’, unisex and twins’ names that mean red or redhead.

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