Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength

Names That Mean Strength

While many babies are given names before facing their battles, some parents may want to wait before giving their baby a name that suits them. Strength is a highly valued quality in our culture. So even if a child doesn’t face battle right away, everyone has to be strong at some point in their lives.

Whatever the reason for naming their child, there are plenty of options for parents looking to name their baby with a strong mind in mind. Look to the strong people in history for inspiration, especially strong women.

Or think of simple names with connotations of strength. And this strength can be many things:  physically strong, but also strong in your beliefs and spirit. So Here are some names that mean strength for you Little Warrier!


Boy Names That Mean Strength


  1. Ethan- is traditionally a masculine name meaning “strong”, “certain”, “firm”. It is of Hebrew origin.
  2. Max- often abbreviated for Maximus or Maximilian, means “the greatest”, or the head.
  3. Liam- The name Liam may be related to the meaning “willpower”. It’s a form of William, of Irish descent, and it’s popular.
  4. Alexander- The name Alexander is of Greek origin and is two words in one: “He is made up of the elements alexein (to protect, help) and andros (man): hence the protector, or helper of humanity”. It makes sense that Alexander the Great was amazing.
  5. Ekon- the word Ekon comes from the Nigerian language and means “strong”. It’s a traditional African baby name, usually for boys.
  6. Kwan- is of Korean origin and means “strong”. The singular syllable makes a name short, but it indicates strength.
  7. Neron- It’s a Spanish name that also means “strong” and may be why it’s such a popular name in the superhero world.
  8. Aaron -is another name of Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain” or “solid mountain”. Aaron is famous for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Aaron Burr.
  9. Griffin- The meaning of Griffin is “strong lord”, It is also a creature half eagle, half lion, and if it does not scream with strength.
  10. Etan- A late Latin name of Hebrew origin, Etan means “strength, firmness, long life”. The name also comes from the Bible when a wise man was surpassed in wisdom by Solomon.
  11. Warrick-It means “strong leader, protector” and is of English origin.
  12. Millicent- Compounded from the roots meaning “work” and “strength”, the name comes from an old, outdated German name Amalswinth.
  13. Ezekiel- Ezekiel means “God increases strength”. It comes from the Bible through a prophet whose ministry spanned more than 23 years.
  14. Barret- Barrett has grown in popularity and originated in English. Originally a surname, Barrett has evolved into a first name in its own right.
  15. Veda- A sanskrit name, meaning “knowledge,” Nameberry says the name is commonly found in Hinduism’s most sacred texts. Popular variants would be Vera, Vita and Vida.
  16. Arne – Arne is of Scandinavian and Dutch descent and is a variation of the name Arnold. Meaning “ruler, or strong as an eagle”.
  17. Sage- Sage was short and sweet. Derived from the name of the plant that has both medicinal and culinary properties, sage is meant to provide a feeling of freshness for years to come.
  18. Bernard- Bernard comes from the Old German word Berinhard and means “as bold as a bear”.
  19. Bidu- Bidu means ‘strength’ or ‘strength’.
  20. Swithun- The name means “fast” and “strong” and is of British origin.
  21. Uzi is the Hebrew name and means “Jehovah is my strength”.
  22. Tetsu. Tetsu is a strong and powerful girl name of Japanese origin. Meaning “strong as iron”.

Girl Names That Mean Strength

  1. Bridget. Another name of Irish or Gaelic origin, Bridget means “strength or sanctity”. According to Behind the Name, Bridget is of Irish origin Brighid, “In Irish mythology, she was the name of the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom, daughter of the god Dagda.”
  2. Everette- the surname, is derived from the surname Eberhart which means “wild boar and brave, sturdy or strong”.
  3. Valentina- Derived from the Latin, Valentina means “strong, strong and powerful”.
  4. Audrey- Audrey is the English name meaning “noble power”.
  5. Philomena-Philomena’s name derives from “a young  Italian martyr of the third century who found bones in the catacombs of Priscilla in Rome in 1802”. Now, the Greek name is said to mean “lover of strength.”
  6. Adira- Adira is a name in Hebrew that means “strong, noble, mighty”.
  7. Valencia- Valencia is a city in Spain, but it also means “strong” and “healthy”. He was most popular in 1969 and 1970 and even looked like what you would call a fierce, protective fighter.
  8. Isa- It means “strength” and is of German and Persian origin.
  9. Leanna – means: “Lion’s power”, it’s something all babies (and their mothers) have in them!
  10. Imala- Imala is an uncommon name and has a really special meaning. According to Nameberry, Imala is a Native American girl’s name that means “strong in spirit”. Similar names are Inaya and Imiza.
  11. Alsie- A Greek name that sounds a lot like the south, we think Alsie is pretty cute. It means “will” and is a small part of Alcina.
  12. Gavi- Regarding the origin of the first name Gabrielle, Gavi is the feminine form of Gabriel. Derived from Hebrew, whose name means “God is my strength,” the male form, Gabriel, comes from the Bible and is a herald of the good news.
  13. Gesine- Gesine is the origin of the name Gertrude and is derived from  Old High German Geretrudis. Includes elements for “spear”, “maiden, I love” and “strength”.
  14. Bidu-Bidu stands for Bridget and we wanted it to be a little different. An Irish name, Bidu means “strength” or “strength”.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Strength

unisex Names That Mean Strength

1. Everette-Everette, the surname, is derived from the surname Eberhart which means “wild boar and brave, sturdy or strong”, according to the House of Names. It is a gender-neutral name and can also be spelled Everett.

2. Mika- A unisex name suitable for both boys and girls, Mika is a name in Hebrew that means “Who is like God”. Mika is the archangel in the Bible who is closest to God and responsible for carrying out God’s judgments.


Names That Mean ‘Strength’ For Little Fighters

  1. Brianna –This Celtic sister’s name means “strong”. Called Bri for short.
  2. Matilda- Remember Roald Dahl’s Matilda? Well, he chose the right name for this fiery character – it means ‘can’, ‘strength’ or ‘fight’.
  3. Aila- Pronounced ay-luh, in Scottish Gaelic, this lovely name means “from the stronghold”.
  4. Kwan- This short but sweet nickname is of Korean origin and means “strong”.
  5. Oz- Only great parents should adopt this, which means ‘strength’, ‘strength’, and ‘brave’.
  6. Maximus – Means “greatest”.
  7. Angus- Derived from the Gaelic language, this nickname means “unique power”. Sure, it’s a bit old-fashioned, but Gus is a sweet nickname, isn’t it?


Names That Mean Power And Strength

Names That Mean Power And Strength

  1. Adira- means “strong” and “powerful”. Of Hebrew origin, the name is the female form of the male name Adir (“majesty”, “noble”). Adira is a character in Disney’s Tangled.
  2. Audrey- means “noble power” in Old English, derived from Etheldred, the name of a medieval saint.
  3. Brianna- is of Celtic origin, and the feminine form of the name Brian,  means “strong”.
  4. Carla- originally a Teutonic name, means “strong person”. Popular in Italy and other European countries, this feminine version of Karl – or Charles – dates back to the time of King Charlemagne, aka Charles the Great.
  5. Jaiyana- is a beautiful name of Islamic/Urdu origin, and means “strength”. Anyone looking for a name with a world-beating rhythm and music.
  6. Angus- is a Scottish name meaning “unique power”. The name is derived from  Gaelic Aonghus, the Irish god of love and youth.
  7. Evander- is said to mean “bow warrior” and “strong man”. This unusual name is so good that there is a heated debate about its origin.
  8. Idris- of both Welsh and Arabic origin, means ‘strong leader’, ‘flaming lord’ and ‘righteous’, not to mention ‘intelligent’ and ‘industrious’.
  9. Kendrick- means “bold strength”. Of Celtic origin, this tough-sounding name is also said to mean “son of Henry,” so you future Henry dads take note.
  10. Virgil- comes from Latin and, compounded from the Irish name, it translates as “valuable man”.

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Names Meaning Strength And Courage

  1. Aaryavir-Brave man; A man without fear
  2. Aashif-  a person of confidence or courage
  3. Abhayananda- Enjoys fearlessness; Brave;
  4. Abhayankar- A giver of courage; Strength
  5. Abhayaprada- Safety Giver; giver of courage
  6. Abhayda -Fearless and courageous; brave
  7. Abhaysimha-  Fearless like a lion; Symbol of Courage and Courage
  8. Abheek- Fearless; Brave; brave
  9. Barnie -of the burned land; Little Bernard’s; Brave; Bear; Brave; Comfort Boy’s son
  10. Abhitha- A courageous or fearless  woman
  11. Agenilda – A brave, cheerful, friendly, kind, and generous woman
  12. Andie – Maintain stability and courage
  13. Andressa -A strong and courageous woman.
  14. Anoud- Brave, strong and courageous.
  15. Arial- Courage; Leprechaun; Lion of God; a variation of the name Arial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name symbolizes strength?

There are a lot of good names that symbolises strength, power Liam, Alexander, Andie, Arial and a lot more!

2. What names mean warrior or strong?

Agnar, Alfonso, Alvey, Asim, Blair are some names that mean strong and powerful warriors.


3. What Greek name means strength?

Aimilios is a name that means strength that is of Greek origin.


4. What name means strong and powerful?

Valentina: Like the strong boys’ name, Valentine, Valentina means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ of latin origin.

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