Top 20 Names That Mean Strong (With Meanings)

Top 20 Names That Mean Strong (With Meanings)

If you are exploring girl names that mean ‘strong’, then here is a comprehensive list of girl names that mean strong, and beautiful, along with unisex, boy names, and last names that mean ‘strong’. 

Be it inner or physical, strength is a virtue that instills endurance in our beings in this drama of existence that is our life. The foremost thing with which we associate ourselves is our names and choosing girl names that mean ‘strong’ is one of the best ways to make your child resilient.

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful

Abstracts like ‘strong’ (strength) cannot work as a name itself so rather we can choose names that signify strength. Listed below are girl names that are ‘strong’ and ‘beautiful’ that will successfully symbolize the power and virtue of your girl child.

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Top 20 Names That Mean Strong (With Meanings)

              GIRL NAMES
Inna Also called Inne or Ina, this name is of Russian origin and can also be used as a nickname. It is a girl’s name that means ‘originating from mighty or strong waters.
Ana An Arabic girl name popular in India, America, England, etc often used by Christians and it means ‘strong’, and ‘beautiful’.
Olya A creative and rare girl name that means ‘strong’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘graceful’, pertaining to Indian origin is a perfect name for your daughter.
Riki An English girl name that means “strong and powerful ruler’. This name is also popular in India.
Alina   Often used as a Muslim Girl name which means ‘beautiful and bright. Variation of Helen, in Arabic also means ‘sublime’.


Boy Names That Mean Strong And Spirit

Boy names that mean ‘strong’ embodies the spirit of masculinity that is associated the most with the attributes of ‘strength’, ‘power’, and ‘valor’.

Igor Originating from Slavic origin, Igor is an alternative to Ihor which means ‘strong warrior’. It was first used by Varangians in the tenth century.
Arseny This name has roots in Greek and Spanish origins. It is a manly name that means ‘strong’ or ‘virile’. It can also be spelled as Arsenii.
Kush It is an Indian boy name often used by Hindus that means ‘strong’. It was the name of Lord Ram’s son and thus it has religious significance.
Avaya Relating to Hindu and Indian origin it is a boy name that means ‘strong’.
Vadim Pertaining to Russian origin Vadim or Vadym is a masculine name that means ‘strong and powerful ruler’.

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Top 20 Names That Mean Strong (With Meanings)

Gender-neutral baby names that mean strong

Few attractive gender-neutral names that mean ‘strong’








A popular name used by well-known renowned personalities like Charlie the Tuna is a gender-neutral name that means ‘free and strong.





A catchy unisex name originating from Gaelic and Celtic origin means ‘fair-skinned strong warrior or hero’.





It is an English name that means ‘coming from the city of strong warriors and soldiers.





A gender-neutral name that means ‘strong, valiant and daring. It is an Irish name originating from Celtic roots.





Related to Celtic origin, this unisex name means a strong protector.

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Unisex Names That Mean Strong

Unisex names can signify both, girl names that mean ‘strong’ and boy names that mean ‘strong’.

Bali A unisex name that can be traced in Indian origin often used by Sikhs and Hindus, it means ‘strong’, ‘sacrifice’, and ‘earring’.
Barret Popularly used by Christians this bold unisex name is of German origin that means ‘strife’ and symbolizes the strength of a mighty bear.
Andy Coming from French and Greek origin this unisex name means ‘strong and powerful.


Unique Strong Girl Names

Your daughter is one of a kind and distinguishable and to bring out that uniqueness of your child you can choose between rare girl names that mean ‘strong’ as listed below.

Abira Simple yet unique Arabic girl name that means ‘strong’.
Lisa This Indian girl name that means ‘strong and proud’ is as rare as it sounds and is perfect for your girl.


Top 20 Names That Mean Strong (With Meanings)

Last Names That Mean Strong Girl

Your last name can be symbolic of your great vigilant, brave, and strong ancestors and family background. You can identify yourself with the following surnames that mean ‘strong’.

Valentin It is a Russian name of Slavic origin that means ‘healthy’ or ‘strong’. Val can also be used as a variation of this name. It is a general surname in German and Spanish-speaking nations.
Fermi An Italian last name that means ‘strong’.
Arison Originating from Albanian roots, it is an elegant last name that means ‘strong and powerful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name symbolizes strength?

Gavriil is a rare name that means ‘god is my strength’ which symbolizes divine strength and power. Variation of this is Gavril.

2. What name means strong and powerful?

Steve is an Indian girl name that means ‘strong and powerful’ in Sanskrit.

3. What names mean a warrior or strong?

Yegor is a strong Russian name that means ‘warrior’ or ‘farmer’.

4. What Greek name means strong?

Kratos is the name of the Greek god of strength which signifies valor.

To Summarize

She who is strong is happy and independent. The least you can do for your girl child is to give her a name that means ‘strong’, which will remind her in all the adversities of life that with all their might will try to crush her down, that she inherits an unyielding strength that can overpower any obstacle and that is her name itself like Philomena, Kiah and many more.

This article is full of girl names that mean strong, from Inna to Kratos, you can choose any name you like for your baby girl.


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