30+ Wonderful Names that Mean Sun For Baby Girls And Boys

Names that mean sun

Choosing a baby name is a task both exciting and terrifying in equal measure. To help you navigate the maze of possibilities, we have compiled a list of sun names that people can use for their babies.

When we started looking, we also found attractive options, meaning sunny, dusk, dawn, bright, and more. So here is our list of sun-based baby names that are good enough for your bright little star.

Parents must give their children a name that will define their identity for the rest of their life and contribute to their self-confidence and individuality. Check out the following list of baby names that imply sun for more options suitable for your tiny ray of sunshine.

Glorious Baby Names That Mean Sun

  • Aditya: Aditya means belonging to Aditi in Sanskrit.
  • Aelius: Aelius is an ancient Roman name that means “sun.”
  • Agim: Agim is an Albanian name that translates to “dawn.” Sometimes a single English word cannot adequately translate a word from another language; Agim is one such word. The moment when the sun rises over the horizon in the early hours of the morning.
  • Albert: Albert is a German name with noble and sparkling connotations. Albert was selected for 614 baby boys in the United States in 2019, although far less common than it formerly was.
  • Altan: Altan is a Turkish name meaning “red dawn.” In medieval Turkic and Mongolian, Altan also signifies gold. Therefore, this name perfectly captures the splendor of the rising sun.
  • Amun: Amun is an Egyptian name that means “the hidden one.” Amun was a divinity of ancient Egypt who merged with Ra. Amun-Ra was worshipped as the sun god.

Girl Names That Mean Sun

Names that mean sun

  • Aelia: Aelia is a beautiful name for a girl. It is a Greek and Latin name that signifies sunlight or sunshine.
  • Aelian: This Latin name denotes the sun. The name is said to be taken from the Greek word for sun, Helios.
  • Akino: Akino is a Japanese name that relates to the rising sun. Certainly, this will be a unique and unusual name for your daughter.
  • Akosua: Akosua is a distinctive and uncommon girl’s name. This name’s origins can be traced to Africa and Ghana. The name alludes to a person who was born on a Sunday.
  •  Aine: Aine is the name of the Sun-related Irish deity Aine. This ancient Irish name belonged to the Munster fairy queen. 
  • Alba: Alba is among the most popular two-syllable names that begin and end with vowels. The name is associated with the gorgeous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. It was also the name of a Time Traveler’s Wife character. Alba’s meaning is “sunlight.”

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Sun

Names that mean sun

  • Anatoly: Anatoly is a Russian name that means dawn. This is a creative method to represent the first name on your list.
  • Arki: Arki translates to “sun descendant” in Sanskrit.
  • Blaze: This Latin name signifies fire and represents the sun’s brilliance.
  • Dimas: The Spanish word for sunset, Dimas, is a great way to express the sun.
  • Elidi: This name derives from Greek origins and means “gift of the sun.”
  • Gry: A Scandinavian name that means dawn is Gry.
  • Haru: Haru is a Japanese name that means “sun.”

Last Names That Mean Sun

  • Solange: Solange is a French name that means “sun angel.” Solange was also the name of a 9th-century martyred saint who was also the patron saint of rain.
  • Summer: Summer evokes thoughts of bright sunshine and warm temperatures. This season-inspired moniker first appeared in the 1970s.
  • Sunny: Sunny is also an extremely popular English girl’s name. A plain and adorable name referencing the radiant sun.
  • Sunday: Sunday, with its initial syllable, is one of the most common girl’s names.
  • Thea: Thea, who originated in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the sun, dawn, and moon. Thea is the English form of the Greek name Theia. Thea is a name with an extremely appealing sensitive, tranquil, and artistic attitude.

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Names That Mean Sun or Star

  • Aarush: Aarush is a Sanskrit name that means “the first ray of sunlight.”
  • Anshul: Anshul is a common Indian name whose meaning is “sunbeam.” It is one of the most common boys’ names in India.
  • Aditya: In Hinduism, the name Aditya means sun’ and has a long history. This name is also found in the Vedas and ancient Hindu scriptures.
  • Anatole: The name Anatole is one of the distinctive and exotic-sounding boys’ names. It is of Greek origin and means “the sun rising from the east.”
  • Alfrothul: This distinctive name is of Norwegian origin and means “from the Sun” or “of the Sun.”

Names For Your Ray of Sunshine

  • Aelius: Aelius is a well-known Roman surname meaning “the Sun.” Originating from a Greek word, the name first gained popularity in Greece before spreading to Scandinavia and Norway.
  • Aftab: This name’s meaning is “the sun.” The origin of the term Aftab is Africa, although it is also used in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.
  • Arun: This name is of Hindi and Cambodian origin and means sun in both languages. According to Hindu mythology, Arun is the solar deity’s charioteer name.
  • Apollo: Apollo, according to Greek mythology, is the Sun God. It is also one of the ancient god names widely used worldwide.
  • Baskara: The boy’s name Baskara originates from Indonesian and means “sun.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a name that means sunshine?
Slana is a Spanish name that means “sunlight.” Meaning “sun” in Italian, the name Sole is typically given to infant females.

2. What name means, goddess of the sun?
Eliana’s meaning is “daughter of the Sun.” The name has entered the top one hundred and is steadily rising, mostly due to its multicultural nature.

3. What name means rising sun?
The name Anatole is one of the distinctive and exotic-sounding boy’s names. It is of Greek origin and means “the sun rising from the east.” This distinctive name is of Norwegian origin and means “from the Sun” or “of the Sun.”

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