Names That Mean Warrior Girl Strong & Brave

Names That Mean Warrior Girl

If you are looking for baby girl names that mean Warrior Girl which is strong and brave here is a compilation of them, just have a look.

Your little girl is a warrior, a bundle of strength, there is no dearth of power in her because she is a force to be reckoned with.

This is her being and to associate it with her identity which is her name would be the first step to preparing her for the battlefield that is this world.

Names That Mean Warrior Girl

“Her mother sensed war in her womb, and she raised her to fight”. A girl warrior is neither a myth nor a figure to ignore and so is your girl child. Choosing a girl name that means warrior girl is a way to inculcate in her the strength that she needs to find her own voice.

  • Boudicca– It is a feminine name of Celtic origin that means “victory”. This is the name of a warrior queen of Iceni. She was fierce, brave, and daunting.
  • Camilla- This name means “helper of the priest”. It is the name of the queen of Volsci who was a warrior maiden.
  • Gertrude- This name has Germanic roots that mean “spear” and “strength”.
  • Jaiyana- A Muslim girl’s name that signifies the spirit of a woman warrior. It means “robustness”.
  • Arya- This name is of Indian origin often used by Hindus. Arya means “noble warrior” and “fierce lioness” in Hebrew. The name sounds daunting.

Girls’ Baby Names That Mean Warrior

“Every girl is a warrior, for she carries the sword of justice to slaughter sexism.” A girl child battles to find her own voice in this world where she is conditioned to be inferior and submissive.

It is just a matter of raising your girl child without this conditioning and the first step is to give her a name that means “girl warrior”.

  • Kaynaz- It is a Muslim name of Arabic origin that means “leader woman”. This name brings out the fighter spirit of a woman.
  • Surya- A Hindu girl name that means a “warrior”, “brave”, and “Eloquent” girl. This name convenes almost all of the virtues of a warrior girl.
  • Celina- Derived from Arabic origin “Celina” is the goddess of the moon who is divine and a young warrior.
  • Jasika- Can also be spelled as ‘Jasica’ or ‘Jaysika’ is a girl name that means a warrior who is foresighted and has God’s grace.
  • Adira- This name is meant for a warrior soul as it means “strong”, “noble” and “powerful”.

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Names Of Warriors In Mythology

Names Of Warriors In Mythology

There is a glorious history of fierce women that have battled their way through history in all aspects of life be it Rani Lakshmi Bai, Durga, Boudicca, Joan of Arc and so many others the list won’t end. You can name your daughter after these female embodiments of warriors.

  • Freya- This name comes from Norse mythology. The goddess of love and fertility is of the Vanir tribe. She is a fierce warrior and a gentle ruler.
  • Achilles- In Greek mythology Achilles is the most daunting and undefeatable warrior of Agamemnon’s army in the ten-year-long Trojan war.
  • Alruna- In Germanic mythology, she is a woman warrior, known as a valkyrie who was the wife of Agilaz.
  • Karna- Karna is the name of a heroic warrior in the classical and archaic epic poem “Mahabharata”.
  • Ulysses– Also known as Odysseus was a legendary hero and warrior in Homer’s epic Iliad. He was wise, strong, brave, and noble.
  • Athena– Athens is named after Athena who is the Greek goddess of war and pragmatic reason. This name symbolizes the protective power of a warrior.
  • Artemis- Daughter of Leto and Zeus is a Greek mythology goddess who was a significant warrior on the side of the Trojans in the Trojan war.
  • Amazon- It is the name of a race of warrior women known for their attributes like courage and ambition and skills like riding. They were similar to the goddess of war, Athena.
  • Cleopatra- This name means “glory of the father”. It is the name of a renowned warrior woman who was an Egyptian Queen. She fought many wars and was a woman of power.
  • Ares- Son of Zeus and Hera, he is the bearded warrior and the Olympian God of daringness, civil order, and battle lust.

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German Girl Names Meaning Warrior Or Mighty

German Girl Names Meaning Warrior Or Mighty

These German girl names that mean warrior symbolize strength, tenacity, and a sense of Justice.

  • Maude- It is a German girl name that means a strong and powerful maiden warrior who is “mighty in war”.
  • Tracy- It is a fancy German girl name that means “warlike”, “fighter” and “girl warrior”.
  • Brunhild- A variant of “Brunhilda” and “Brynhild” is a female warrior character name in the Germanic heroic legend.
  • Alvar- A unique German girl name that simply means “warrior”.
  • Armina- It is a vintage German girl name that means “noble warrior”.

Teutonic Girl Names Meaning Warrior

Knight is a rank that demands a warrior spirit. In medieval times women were not given this honor because only men could.

But who can stop a woman warrior to get what her soul yearns for? There exists a history of women who were appointed the rank of a knight in the Teutonic order and listed below are some names inspired by them.

  • Lulu- Pertaining to Teutonic origin, it is a German girl name also popular among the English. It means “a powerful legendary woman warrior’.
  • Lotta- It is a Teutonic girl name that signifies “liberated woman” or “girl warrior”. It can be used as a short name for Charlotte too.
  • Erika- It is a powerful name that means “eternal warrior or monarch”.
  • Hilde- Also a mythological warrior figure, the name is of Teutonic origin and it means “war maiden”.
  • Inga- “warrior” or “a hero’s daughter”.

Gaelic Girl Names Meaning Warrior

In Gaelic mythology, men and women both were considered warriors. According to a  Greek philosopher, Celtic women fought alongside men like daunting warriors.

  • Scathach- In Celtic mythology, she was a fierce female warrior and a teacher of warriors.
  • Donovan- It is an Irish gender-neutral name that means a dark warrior.
  • Cahira- A feminine, simple, and lovely name that has a fierce and powerful meaning that is “a warrior”.
  • Liath– The Celtic people made no distinction in warriors on the basis of sex. Being a fierce warrior was not just something men could do, women fought alongside them ferociously, and such was Liath, a warrior.
  • Fiane- A feminine name of Gaelic origin that means “warrior huntress”.
  • Lusia- It is a girl name that means warrior and is completely associated with war. It has other meanings like “famous in war”, “glory of war”, and “known for battle”.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means strong warrior?

Alfonso, Angar, Blair, Brianna, Callan, Duncan.

2. What names mean fearless warrior?

Baldric,  Abir, Kane, Myrina.

3. What names mean warrior of God?

Hercules (glory of Hera) and Gideon (biblical name)

4. What name means Brave fighter?

Dustin means “brave fighter”. It is of English origin.

To Summarize

This article is a compilation of the best names that mean “girl warrior” for your fiery little being that battled her way to this world. There is a diverse range of names including Irish, mythological, Teutonic, and German girl names that mean warrior from which you can choose.

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