Summer Marketing Ideas For Businesses

    Summer Marketing Ideas For Businesses

    Smart businesses understand the value of seasonal marketing campaigns and how they can be used to boost your business throughout the year.

    Often, it is the autumn and winter that gets the most attention with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, but what about summer?

    Summer is a fantastic time of the year that people look forward to and there are a few summer marketing ideas that could give your business a boost ahead of the colder months of the year.

    So, if you really want to make the most out of this happier time of the year for your business then keep reading for a few summer marketing ideas worth trying.

    Host An Outdoor Event

    Summer is a time for being social and spending time outdoors, especially since pandemic restrictions have been lifted. This is why hosting an outdoor event is smart during the summer months so that you can meet, connect and engage with your target market.

    An event like a BBQ with live music or outdoor screening could help you to attract new customers, strengthen relationships, and gives you the chance to humanize your brand.

    Pop-up shops are also a great option for the summer months and could help you to tap into new, previously unexplored markets. You should also look to participate in local events as a way to connect and engage with the community.

    Use Summer Visuals

    You should also consider the visuals that you use in all forms of communication during the warmer months. In your emails, content, and social media posts you should try to embrace the warmer months with beach visuals, summer emojis, and summery language.

    This will help to keep things fresh as well as give your customers a warm, summery feel with every contact that they have with your business.

    Host A Competition

    Competitions are always a great way to get your customers talking and to raise awareness about your business.

    You will want to make the competition summer-themed, such as a weekend away or a bundle of summer-related products (cocktails, t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses just as a few ideas).

    To make sure that you attract as much interest as possible, you will want to create a “like and share” competition so that you can reach the friends and family of your existing followers (and potentially further).

    Branded Custom Merchandise

    Branded merchandise is always a great way to promote your business, especially when it is seasonal.

    The converse is a major brand and a popular choice of footwear in the warmer months, so offering custom Converse shoes could be a great way to boost your business and attract new customers during the warmer months.

    These are just a few summer marketing ideas that will hopefully help this to be a lucrative summer for your business.

    Seasonal marketing can be an intelligent way to attract new customers, strengthen relationships and promote your business and the warmer months of the year provide the perfect opportunity to engage with your target market.


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