The 5 Best Rolex Watches for Men to Buy in 2021

    The 5 Best Rolex Watches for Men to Buy in 2021
    The 5 Best Rolex Watches for Men to Buy in 2021

    When you talk about watches, it often accompanies the word “aspiration.” It’s considered a simple but precious thing that reminds us of who and what we are and where we are about to head.

    One of the top iconic brands of watches today is the Rolex. Since its first release in 1905, Rolex is a timeless timepiece. They always make sure to create an exceptional technology piece that never goes out of style.

    While all watches are designed to tell you what exactly the time is at the moment, a The brand shows to the world that you’ve accomplished something great and remarkable. That is, putting investment into such a luxurious and expensive timepiece.

    Looking for a perfect watch for men can be an overwhelming task. This brand is known for its rich history in features, models, and finishes. So, to make it easy for you, we listed here the five best Rolex watches for men. 

    Oyster Sky Dweller 18K Yellow Gold Men’s Watch

    The Oyster made its official debut in the 21st century. In just 8 years, some already say that this could be the best Rolex to buy if you’re looking for Rolex watches for men. You can check out the prices in The Watch Company for that specific model. The website has the best and sometimes rare models in their catalog. This model is one of the newest collections of Rolex and became one of the most talked about in the entire catalog.

    It’s considered one of the heaviest watches ever released. It is made from precious metal and comes with a minimalistic design. You will always feel that you’re wearing this watch at all times.

    The Oyster is available in so many varieties today, including this 18k Yellow Gold style. As this timepiece is functional and luxurious, it is perfect to use as a dress or sports watch.

    Explorer II White Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

    As the name itself, the Explorer II embodies the relationship between Rolex and exploration. You can quickly identify this watch as it features a traditional Rolex face with 18ct gold hour markers.

    Best known as precise, clear, and reliable to use, this watch’s stylish design is made from stainless Oyster steel. It’s a unique material developed by the brand itself, utilizing 904L steel. This model comes with a minimalistic style but still consists of boldface features. It has luminescent hands, a clean white dial with shaped hour markers, and a date display at the 3 o’clock position.

    Another great feature is that it’s so adjustable to use up to 5mm, meaning it can quickly help you adapt to various usages, situations, or surroundings. 

     Yacht-Master II White Dial 18K White Gold Watch

    For the gent with style, pizazz, and an affection for the high oceans, this Rolex Yacht-Master II is such a one-of-a-kind watch. This chic and viable watch, which was initially designed solely for yachting competitions, exemplifies the mariner’s soul.

    Since its initial launch in 2007, this model has always been recognized as elegant yet sporty. It’s a complete package of both utility and luxury in one watch. If you’re a mariner, you’ll have to value the beautiful, nautical-inspired design of this 18k white gold watch and its blue ceramic bezel with gold-covered numbers. 

     Cellini 50525 Multiple Time Zone Watch in 18K Rose Gold 

    Popularly known as one of the most stylish Rolex watches ever made, this Cellini combines traditional elegance with contemporary mechanics. It was designed out of inspiration from the prominent Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini.

    If you’re looking for a watch that doesn’t only showcase the true meaning of luxury and respecting the art of watchmaking, this one is perfect for you. This model adheres to that revived heritage aesthetic and comes with a great feature of an 18k rose gold case and black alligator leather band.

    Moreover, this modern design brags the exclusive standard of perfection. Rolex is widely known for a Swiss automatic movement and 50 meters of water resistance. 

     Submariner Date Black Dial Steel Watch 

    Since its launch in 1953, the Submariner has become an iconic watch best known for its functional and stylish design.The Submariner belongs to the lists of one of the worth of your investment and must-buy watches of Rolex. This model has continuously set the standard for diving watches since day one it was released in the market.

    The first-ever wristwatch was to be certified waterproof down to 100 meters in depth. The Submariner has developed technologically since the 1950s. The most recent models currently brag about innovative features that have improved the watch’s overall functionality and accuracy.

    Today, the new Submariner model pays recognition to the first-ever model that Rolex had created. And it comes with a subtly redesigned Oyster case design. 


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