Unlock PDF Files Fast and Easy with PDFBear

    Unlock PDF Files Fast and Easy with PDFBear
    Unlock PDF Files Fast and Easy with PDFBear

    PDF is the most used document format in the business industry. These files are not easy to edit since they require certain tools and applications. PDF files can also be secured by passwords. However, it can be a waste of time to enter passwords several times just to view a PDF file.

    Why Unlock PDF files?

    Passwords can protect your files from being viewed by people outside your organization. For people handling sensitive documents daily, such as the human resource department or finance, it can be a headache to review files with passwords. Having a PDF unlock tool can make their work easier.

    However, unlocking the password of PDF files can be a challenging feat for some. Installing apps and tools require several steps to get approved and most of the time, they are not even safe for our computers and laptops. 

    How about unlocking files without downloading anything from the internet? Sounds fantastic for people working on the go! PDFBear offers a tool for all internet users to quickly remove the password on the web. Here are some of the benefits working on PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool.

    Get Files Password-free Fast!

    Similar to other PDFBear tools, it also offers a fast service. All you need is to follow these easy steps and you will get your PDF files password-free without hassle. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do it.

    First, you can upload your PDF files by clicking or tapping the “Choose Files” button or drag the files. After uploading, you have to check the authorization agreement and start “Unlock PDF.” Next, enter the password of the file and choose the “Decrypt File” button. After a few seconds, you can get your files password-free. 

    Extra Tools 

    After removing the password from your PDF files, you can download the file immediately. However, with PDFBear, you can do more with your documents. You can copy the file’s link and share it with your colleagues and let them download the files instantly on their own devices. You can also directly send the link to their email by clicking the “Share via Email” button.

    The tools don’t end there, you can have your files directly turned into Word and JPG. But the most loved extra tools by PDFBear users are the Split and Merge. Right after you finish removing the password, all of these options are available for use.

    Works on Several Devices

    If you’re the type of employee that needs to check several files even on your way home, all you need is a fablet or a smartphone to do so. It is also the same for PDFBear! You don’t have to open your laptop or computer. As long as you have internet access, you can start removing passwords just by accessing PDFBear’s website.

    More to PDFBear’s exemplary tools are their compatibility with several operating systems. Whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can access PDFBear and start unlocking your PDF files in a matter of seconds.

    Safe and Secured Password Removal

    Web-based tools like PDFBear are vast on the internet. They can be filled with several links that will lead you to harmful websites or often filled with sensitive advertisements that you do not want to see, especially at work. With PDFBear, you do not have to worry about your files getting accessed or be infected with viruses. 

    Available in Different Languages

    Are you working in an international company? Building good rapport is key to maintain a healthy working relationship with different nationalities. What better way to do that by referring PDFBear to them? 

    The Unlock PDF tool is available in 22 languages! No need to teach them on how to use the tool. All you have to do is select a language found at the bottom of the page, copy the url, and send it to them!

    It’s Free!

    Several web-based tools offer similar features as PDFBear. However, these tools require you to sign up and get a membership before using the tools you need and sometimes, their quality might not be what you have hoped for.

    With PDFBear, the tools are free for use. You can access Unlock PDF and other tools on the website and have at least 10 tasks to work for the day! No need to pay a fee if you’re just working with files under 50 mb. Your files will also be stored for 1 hour so you can download it again.

    Get More with Pro!

    If you have some spare change, you can have unlimited tasks to all tools available on PDFBear by going Pro! Work on files over 2000 MB with just 5.99 USD a month or save 16% by signing up for a year subscription at 59.99 USD. 

    If you want to test out the tools offered by PDFBear, you can sign up for their 14 days trial period. No need to spend money to experience all of PDFBear’s tools for the first time. Just click the “Pricing” tab and choose “FREE 14 DAYS TRIAL.”


    Passworded PDF files offer a sense of security for our clients and employers. However, accessing them repeatedly can be a headache. With PDFBear’s Unlock PDF feature, you can remove the password of  your PDF files in a matter of minutes!


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