What Makes a Good Essay Title

Good -Essay -Title
Good -Essay -Title

When you are given the task to write an essay, you will inevitably face many issues to think about:  what type of essay it should be, what format style to use, how to structure your essay successfully. And one of the most important issues you should think about is creating a title for your essay. It’s not an easy task as the title has to fulfill several functions. Firstly, it should give the reader an idea of what the essay is about. At the same time, the title should be catchy and interesting to make the reader interested in reading the essay. Secondly, the title needs to reflect the style and tone of the essay.  And thirdly, a great essay title should have some keywords to make the essay be easily found on the Internet, of course, if it’s necessary.

Why Creating a Nice Title is so Important

A good title makes your essay stand out from several others. It can make your essay be remembered.  It’s especially important if you have written an essay for a competition. A good title introduces a problem or an issue your essay is devoted to. It makes the reader start thinking about it. A title is the first thing the reader sees. So, the author can express his/her point on the issue.

Some Features of a Nice Essay Title

Many professional paper writers claim that a good essay title should have very specific features.

  • A good essay title needs to be brief and easy to read. It’s clear that a long, too wordy title would be boring to read. Besides, making your title hard to understand quickly also wouldn’t help the reader to get interested.
  • A nice essay title has to be accurate and believable. Inexperienced writers trying to catch the reader’s attention sometimes create titles that have very little connection to the essay’s thesis. Now and then such an inaccurate title is even a blunt lie. This is absolutely unacceptable.
  • It’s better to avoid passive constructions in essay titles. Try to rephrase your sentence using Active Voice.

Ways to Create a Nice Essay Title

Don’t get frustrated if you just can’t write a nice title for your essay. Even bestsellers’ authors experience so-called writer’s block. It’s the situation when you can’t start writing. The only way to fight this block is to write. It’s much better to have something to improve later than to have nothing. So, use the following ideas and just write different variants, then proofread them and choose the best one.

  • The best tactic is to write the title after your essay is ready. After you have presented your arguments, it will be easier for you to formulate the main idea of your work in the title. This isn’t an obligatory way of creating a title. But if you don’t have any ideas at the very beginning, you will save a lot of time postponing this work till your essay is ready.
  • Use the main thesis statement of your essay to write its title. But you should rephrase that statement, making it shorter and brighter. It might be a good idea to make a rhetorical question presenting that thesis statement.
  • It’s also great to rephrase a famous phrase, cliché, or a quote for the title of your essay. It’s not an easy task, because you need to take into account the topic and the tone of your essay. If you are working on a scientific essay(https://guides.lib.umich.edu/c.php?g=283300&p=2915110), a phrase from an anecdote would be inappropriate. Besides, if you decide to use this idea, remember that such a phrase should be known to your potential readers.
  • There is one more interesting way to create a great essay title. Try to phrase it using a limited amount of words. Like, make a five or three words title. After some training, you will get the skill in doing this.
  • Think of a title as a summary of your essay. But remember that a title shouldn’t be too long or wordy.
  • Don’t forget to re-read your essay before choosing the final variant of your essay title to make sure it fits all the requirements.

Writing a good essay title isn’t an easy task. It requires certain analytical skills and definitely several rough drafts to choose the better one from. But, the proverb says that practice makes perfect. So, analyze, use the tips, create different variants and you will succeed in creating a great title for your essay.


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