What Makes PDF Bear The Best Web-Based Tool For Your Files


    PDF Bear is one of the PDF Converters that you will find online. It offers a convenient way to change the format of your files. In many industries these days, it is beneficial for you to convert your files to PDFs. One good reason would be PDF files give a more presentable appearance. Additionally, PDFs are not easily editable. When you send them to particular recipients, those people cannot change the contents of your PDF file. With PDF Bear, you can freely convert your files such as Word to PDF without paying any amount.

    Online PDF Converter

    When converting your files using PDF Bear, the first step is to select the file you want to convert and then upload it into the online tool. This can either be a Word file, Excel, JPEG, etc. Next, you can relax as PDF Bear will begin the conversion process as soon as possible. It will take approximately two-minutes, and your file will be ready. You can then enjoy your newly converted file.

    With PDF Bear, you do not convert your Word files only, but you can also convert your Excel, JPEG, HTML, PPTs to PDF format. Furthermore, you can also change your PDF file to another format using PDF Bear. If you worry that your file is a DOC or DOCX and wish to convert it, you can kiss your worries goodbye as PDF Bear got your back.

    Another thing is that you can directly convert your files to PDF. PDF Bear guarantees that the content on your files remains the same. PDF Bear takes extra care of your files and produces quality outputs when it goes through the process.

    PDF Bear’s Best Features

    PDF Bear is not only an online converter, but it can be many more. You can enjoy several other tools that PDF Bear has to offer. Furthermore, with PDF Bear, you can freely enjoy using it without the need to download or install any additional software. Also, you won’t need to add an email address or any personal information in order to gain access to this handy online tool.

    PDF Bear Tools

    What are the other things that you would enjoy when using PDF Bear? Here are some of those features that you will find convenient for you:

    • Merge PDF – with PDF Bear; if you have files you wish to combine, you can use the merging tool and have a single PDF file in no time. This way, you can save space on your device and easily find your file in a single file instead of individual pages.
    • Compress PDF – another great thing for you to want to use PDF file formats is that you can quickly reduce the file size when necessary. This is possible with PDF Bear. Furthermore, the resolution of your file will remain. Also, by reducing your file size, sending them becomes more straightforward.
    • Split PDF – when you wish to organize your files or remove a few pages, PDF Bear provides you with the split feature to achieve these tasks.
    • Lock and Unlock PDF – if you want and need to keep your files secure, PDF Bear allows you to add encryption, prompting you to input a password to access the file. Furthermore, you can also unlock these encrypted files using PDF Bear.
    • Add page numbers – with PDF Bear; you can now put page numbers on your multi-paged PDF file. When you do this, it will be easier for you to skim through your files. Plus, your clients or employer will also find this convenient. Having page numbers on your files adds to the pleasing appearance of your files.
    • Retrieving corrupted files – PDF Bear can help you when you have files you are having technical issues with. The retrieval option of PDF Bear will assist you in recovering the file that has become corrupted. But, please do take note that some corrupted files will be beyond PDF Bear’s help.

    Things You Would Want To Consider First

    Like all other online tools, PDF Bear has some shortcomings that you would want to consider.

    • The trial period is short – this is applicable when you are considering to apply for a Pro account and want to try it out. The trial period is only for one day. This might be part of the marketing strategy for choosing either the monthly subscription or the yearly subscription.
    • It is not accessible without the internet – since PDF Bear is web-based, you can only access it by securing a steady connection to the internet. If no internet is available, then you can have no access to the online tool.


    Either way, PDF Bear is an all-around PDF converter that you would want to use. It guarantees your safety and allows you to process your files with ease and efficiency. Therefore, if you’re going to make use of the best PDF converter, PDF Bear is the ideal tool for that.


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