What the Z Fold3 Gets Right and Should You Get One?

What- the- Z- Fold3- Gets- Right- and -Should- You- Get- One
What- the- Z- Fold3- Gets- Right- and -Should- You- Get- One

If you wanted to get a folding phone a couple of years ago, the only option you had was Samsung. Over the span of months, new tech giants unveiled their version of a folding phone. While the first generation had a good number of issues, even now, the go-to brand for folding phones remains Samsung. With all this new competition, the best Samsung foldable phone, the Z Fold3 manages to address many of the problems of the previous generation. This is all happening while most of the competition is still struggling to fix design problems that make their devices less reliable.

What Went Wrong With the Previous Generations

One of the biggest problems that the original Z Fold had was the reliability of the hinge and folding mechanism. Many users have damaged their screens because they removed the first layer on the screen, believing that it is a protective film.

Another problem was the folding mechanism. It felt flimsy and too weak to withstand regular usage. After a while, the hinge would stop being able of holding the screen bent in a fixed position. Lastly, the rear display of the original Z Fold was odd. It had an odd aspect ratio with a thick hinge and plenty of unused space.

Z- Fold3 -Fixes

What the Z Fold3 Fixes

The Z Fold3 fixes all the above-said issues. While the hinge and the folding display are not to be considered as durable as with a regular device, they still perform considerably better and feel like a finished product. This improvement alone made the Z Fold 3 remains the best Samsung foldable phone to date. This can be attributed to the software improvements as well. Samsung went out of its way to optimize most of the popular applications to work with the folding screen and with the unusual aspect ratio. This makes it much more natural to use. To a certain degree, it feels like a phablet that you can actually fit in a pocket and not fit comfortably.

On the rear side, or the side that you see when the device is not unfolded, the display received a visible improvement. It is larger, the bezel is thinner and it is much easier to use with one hand. It is one of those things that you do not realize how much of an impact it makes until you experience it.

Should You Get The Z Fold3?

Without a doubt, the Z Fold3 is a gorgeous device that can also be a powerful productivity tool. At the same time, it is an expensive device making it prohibitive for the ones that have a tight budget to upgrade their existing smartphone. Being the best Samsung foldable phone also means that all carriers have it on offer. It may not be worth buying it outright with cash due to the prohibitive price tag but it may be worth checking out with carriers. It can be paired with a subscription which can reduce the acquisition price considerably. If you managed to get a good deal for a new Z Fold3, then the smartphone is worth considering. Otherwise, it may be worth waiting a year or two until smartphones with folding screens become more accessible.


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